Anyone wanna do a collab with me???? by Enaxn

HI I'm on my way to the grocery and I know my Weasyl is a hot mess I'll fix it when I get back

BUT YES I love collabs and drawing my characters with your characters and it gives me something fun to do in between comics (which are also collabs SHH) and commissions and.... stuff. They're what I do when I'm feeling burned out and I'm feeling one coming guys IT'S COMING.

SO YES these are my characters (they all have Fave folders too!!).

Soooo yes comment with ideas or characters or what you'd like to do?????


Anyone wanna do a collab with me????


23 November 2014 at 13:45:40 MST

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    If you're wanting to do a comic, I could do a colab with you drawing, me the guy with story and all.

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    I'd love to, but I wouldn't be able to really dive into larger images until after I get back from MFF the first week of December. If that's cool? I've done collabs where both parties sketch, then finish the other's sketch, or also ones where person 1 sketches, person 2 inks/flat colors/then person 1 does some final shading and tweaks. Whatever sort of method works best. I just need everything saved as PSDs and not as SAI files, as I've had issues with SAI files on my end.

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    I am interested. It would be something small-scale - I could draw my characters and yours together if you want to color? Is there a timeline?

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      YES I think that's an awesome idea!!! And there's totally no timeline. Collabs to me are a no-pressure fun in-your-spare-time kinda thing. So there's totally no timeline whatsoever!

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    Ok, you will need to note me b/c my ADHD is out of control lately and you posted this in November and I just re-discovered it again - so sorry!