Still on haitus! Be back soon! by Enaxn

Hi friends!!

Just dropping in to say hi and to happily say that I've moved for a SECOND time in the last 3 weeks LOL. BUT this new place has room for me to set up my workstation again! The first place I moved to didn't really have a place for me to crank on art at all, which is why I haven't had anything to post recently. I don't mind the occasional drawing-on-my-bed session, but I really need a nice big desk to function. But now my desk is back YES.

HOWEVER I don't have wifi yet. We're going to accost the people that live above us and offer them money for their wifi password, and if that fails, we'll set up in the next couple weeks or so hopefully. I'm spending a fortune at Panera though so hopefully soon ahaha.

BUT ANYWAY!! I've missed a whole lot in the past two months during this horrible summer I've been having. I've got all the stuff done for me in its own tab and will have a LONG glorious comment session once I've got wifi back. But if you guys have anything you want me to see or read, leave it in the comments section and I'll try and get to it!

The amount of owed work I've accrued is horrific lolol, so I'll be glad to finally get back to work on it! I've also got Silva-Magna, Acrossed-Worlds, The Last Aysse (which FA and Weasyl are now a page behind DA on d'oh), and an awesome comic commission to make pages for! But I'm hoping I'll get back into the groove and pound out a bunch of things so I can take a few summer trades and collabs before all you talented kids go back to school <______<

Aaaand yes that's it. Tl;dr, I've moved twice, still don't have wifi at home, will be back soon, leave a message at the beep.



Still on haitus! Be back soon!


10 July 2014 at 09:11:36 MDT

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