Looking for something to shade! by Enaxn


So I just posted this on my Tumblr and DA, but I thought I'd open the floor up here too!

So I'm trying to hone in on a fun quick-and-dirty shading method. Something that doesn't take too long, but still looks at least somewhat decent!

So if any of you guys have any linearts lying around that you wouldn't mind sharing, I'd love to use them as guinea pigs! The more complicated, the better! They can be of your character or someone else's, your lines or not (though permission is a must, obv.). These won't have backgrounds or take me hours and hours. I'm just looking for something fun to practice on!

I'm not really expecting any takers, but on the off-chance that I get a lot, I'll let you know that I'm mostly looking for neat and clean lines, with complex lines being a plus. It's nothing against you guys with fun crazy messy lines, but I want to color lines that I myself can't make, which would be neat and clean lines ahaha. So I'm sorry if you don't get picked. Please don't take it personally! Also clean stuff only, please <__<

So yeah! Free shades if you're willing to share some lines!

Hope you're all well!

Looking for something to shade!


11 October 2013 at 00:29:45 MDT

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