Free Custom Plushie Raffle, Weasyl Exclusive! by AlexGoneLoco

Always wanted a custom plushie but could never afford it?

Or maybe you just feel like helping your fellow struggling artist out?

Well as my queue has caught up I've decided to do a little something to maybe help get my name out there, and if you guys enter you have the chance of winning a COMPLETELY FREE custom made plushie, so it's win-win for everyone! If this gets enough entries I will even consider throwing in extras, such as a reinforced wire skeleton, jointed limbs, and other such goodies.

How to enter

  • You must be watching me on Weasyl.
  • Make a journal linking back to this journal, make sure your journal title includes something about this being for a free custom made plushie.
  • Comment below with a link to your journal, I'll check to make sure you're watching me and then assign you a number. If you don't get assigned a number it's because you are not watching me.


  • This isn't necessarily a tiered thing, but the more entries the better! This is starting off as just a basic plushie with no extras, a $150 value, but if I feel this is getting around I'll be more then willing to add extras to the plush.
  • Explicit characters (such as with nipples/boobs, or sheath) are okay, but I do not make SPH's, everything else within reason should be fine.
  • Super complicated characters may be rejected, if you're unsure feel free to ask.
  • Shipping inside of the USA is free, shipping outside the USA will have to pay the difference. Sorry, I can't afford all those shipping fees by myself.
  • Normal plushie rules and ordering rules apply. You don't have to read this now, but upon winning you do:

Good luck!
I'll choose the winner March 1st.

Since I keep doing this, if I accidentally give the same number to two people, don't you worry! If I pull that number I will do another pull between you and whoever else has that number. I'll make sure no one gets screwed, so don't worry :)

Free Custom Plushie Raffle, Weasyl Exclusive!


1 February 2014 at 17:55:36 MST

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