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I'm a Gargoyle cat creature hailing somewhere in Oregon, near the outskirts of Gravity Falls. I am both a witch and a scientist. I love to dance, especially belly dancing and hulahooping. I also love plants, mushrooms, and all things wild and nature.
My art is a mishmash of different things I have to admanetly make time to create outside my busy personal life.
I'm poly, pan and queer as well as also happily married to my coyote rat of 20 years.

I love playing Table Top roleplaying games and LARPS when I get the time. I really love traveling, seeing new national parks and natural splendors, and chasing waterfalls.

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Latest Journal

2020 WTF

As the Corona virus continues to ravage the American As the Corona virus continues to ravage the American population thanks in large part to inept leadership, a narcissistic president, special interests that care for profit over people, an inherently cruel and exploitative system of capitalism that wants us all to die for the bottom line.
And I am there too because I'm still working. Somehow my company has been deemed essential. I was told I should be grateful I still have a job, because so many out there don't. I was told I should be thankful that I can still use my employer health insurance in the event I do get COVID because at least I won't be passed up for essential life saving health care because I didn't have health insurance.
I want to survive the end of Capitalism. I want to revel in the ashes of this broken system I have been railing against since I was aware of the world outside of my childhood home. I want to be the one of the people who helps rebuild the world and engender systems of cooperative, heart centered people first policies that create a healthier more sustainable society.
But right now I just have to take things a day at a time. I garden a lot now, and encourage everyone to do the same. I do yoga every day. I meditate. I read books. And I've been making more fursuiting stuff and also more digital art.
I recently had to cut someone out of my life that was very toxic, and as a result I suddenly have so much more energy and creative spark towards my own projects and endeavors. I am working on some spiritual furry art that I look forward to sharing, even if no one here cares or looks at it. It's really more about me and my need to express myself than the actual number of people who look at it. And maybe it will inspire people. But the important thing is that we all do what we can to care for ourselves, and our love ones and if you can find the energy, make art. Indulge in creative expression. For the first time in our lives Capitalistic is having to slow down, take stock and allow people to actually rest, and while things are shitty and scary, now is a great time to produce meaningful art. So that is what I plan to do and I hope you will too.
And wash your hands.
And stay the fuck home if you can.

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    Thank you so much for the fav!! :3

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    Thank for following. I have a bit more floral inks to post pretty soon. I'm always happy when they get attention :)

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      Cool because I love plants and bees

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        My fiance's mom loves bees, I think they are adorable, I have I think two more in my backlog of inks.

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    Many thanks for the fave. :)

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      Your art is awesome and deserves attention

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        Thank you very much for your kind comment. :)

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    thank you for the fav and the follow deary! It means a lot!!!