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I'm a Gargoyle cat creature hailing somewhere in Oregon, near the outskirts of Gravity Falls. I am both a witch and a scientist. I love to dance, especially belly dancing and hulahooping. I also love plants, mushrooms, and all things wild and nature.
My art is a mishmash of different things I have to admanetly make time to create outside my busy personal life.
I have two wonderful mates that I love dearly, my husband of 17 years, Puppy, and my partner Triad Fox of 6 years.

I love playing Table Top roleplaying games and LARPS when I get the time. I really love traveling, seeing new national parks and natural splendors, and chasing waterfalls.

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2019 Cons and going Ons

on 1 January 2019 at 14:55:21 MST

appy New Year Furries, the few and the rare who still read journals. I wanted to take a moment to update anyone who is interested in my furry activities for this coming year.

In a few weeks I'll be attending Painted Desert Furry Con in Phoenix, AZ with my beloved mate @TriadFox . I am excited to see the furry community continue to grow in Phoenix and Feb is always my favorite time to be in the desert. I hope to get a chance to fursuit and maybe get another epic drum circle going.

I will be doing the trip to BLFC and then Furlandia in May. I'll be at BLFC with Triad, and then we plan on driving up to Oregon and checking out the redwoods of Coastal California and getting more epic fursuit pics. At Furlandia, I am hoping to find out if I get to do a few panel ideas including a panel on Yoga. I am also looking forward to seeing Mazz as this will be the one furry con she gets to go to.
Then later on in August I hope to attend Campfire Tails even if I have to go by myself, because I really want to check out another camping con.
In Sept, Triad will be back down to attend Furvana with me on the Washington Coast and then afterwards we will be driving up to Victoria BC to visit some of my long time furry friends in Canada.

Then in December, Triad and I want to try to make it out to Midwest Fur Fest this year, especially if Violent J makes another appearance because the Furry Juggalo connection is something Triad predicted back in 1996 and now is totally real. This of course is going to depend on funds and if we can afford to make it out, but since we spent this past holidays with my family back in New Orleans, we want to spend our holidays in 2019 going to the largest furry convention in the world.

Beyond cons, I've started going to the PNWfurs meetups, and had a great time at the Christmas meet in Salem. I had been kind of lacking in furry social scene since moving to Oregon and I have to admit I really enjoyed donning my fursuit and getting to be goofy for a while. Another good thing is that since I am new to this group, I have no involvement in any sort of drama or stupid furry bs, and that felt good to just go to a meet without knowing anyone and just have fun. I plan on being at the next even on Jan 6th in McMinnville.

Outside of furry I'll be keeping busy with various events up in the Northwest. I will be attending the 50th year anniversary of the Oregon Country Fair, and plan on attending the Pirate festivals throughout the summer. I've been really active in the Neo Pagan community up here, and have started a group of loosely affiliated wild witches who host rituals on the sabbots. I am also volunteering for Faerieworlds again this year and I am working with Fungi Perfecti to bring a really special children's activity area this year.

Creatively, I am focusing a lot of my energies towards helping Triad with his sci fi universe. We hope to have the first anthology of short stories published in 2019, along with audiobooks in the form of pod casts. We are even working on developing a radio play to offer to cons in the form of entertainment, where we do a live reading of a short story and then have music. I don't really have much in the mind of art planned, other than I may start taking commissions for badges for Furlandia since the theme is 1968 Summer of Fluff and I just love that theme.
So here's to a happy, successful and fuzzy new year to all y'all beautiful animals out there. Blessed Be.

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    Thank for following. I have a bit more floral inks to post pretty soon. I'm always happy when they get attention :)

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        My fiance's mom loves bees, I think they are adorable, I have I think two more in my backlog of inks.

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