I am a multi-media artist, art model, and all around silly lady!

You most likely know me from cons as Delta, I am a Bali starling, sometimes depicted as a gryphon, aka "Oh you're a bird!"


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on 6 December 2016 at 18:25:31 MST 3-5 dollar mini art sketch sale. It helps to watch on twitter because I will do this at random hours.

I will extend the sale to here to include color and inks for 8-12 and maybe a boost of size.

My tip jar is best for this:

Also a little tidbit....Things off my wishlists can be traded for art:

Art List:
Naughty (Not really, bras undies) :

I have lists for the kitchen, home brewing, my tmj and wrist, so there are lots of things I need that I would love to trade for.

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A4 Art Commission

ATC ACEO or Badge

from $ 25.00
to $ 80.00
from $ 3.00
to $ 15.00


11x14 (Per Page) B/W
$ 160.00
11x14 (Per Page) Color
$ 200.00
8x11 (Per Page) B/W
$ 60.00
8x11 (Per Page) Color
$ 75.00
Index Card/Cheapie
$ 15.00



Clean lines
from $ 20.00
to $ 180.00
Complex Inks
from $ 50.00
to $ 400.00

Mixed medias

5x8 No or limited BG
$ 22.00
8x11 No or Limited BG
$ 40.00
9x12 No or Limited BG
$ 50.00
$ 10.00
Extra Character
$ 15.00
Minis/Odds 4x6 6x6
from $ 12.00
to $ 20.00

Sketchbook Commission

Normal or Toned Graphite 5x8
$ 15.00
Normal or Toned Graphite 8x11
from $ 25.00
to $ 45.00
Normal or Toned Graphite 9x12
from $ 35.00
to $ 65.00

Tarot Cards

Ask! Some prices seen steep but look them up. They are industry standards. Don't be shy or feel like I am "too high" or "too low" I offer sales, promos and returning client deals and rewards. I rely on my art to live, this is not a hobby for me. I love you all, don't feel weird and drop me a line with your thoughts :>


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    wow-o-wow it's weird to stumble on someone else who lives/lived in GV/NC

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      Omg are there really furs here? I went to high school here (John Woolman) in the late 90s-early 00s then moved back uh three ish years ago to live with my high school sweetheart when we got engaged.

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        offhand i only knew like 3-4 and i'm not in contact with any of them anymore. haven't lived there for years now haha.

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          Heh well still awesome for the shout out to the boondocks. .

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    While 90% of your subject matter does not appeal to me, your more recent works are really well done! Love the techniques and your style.

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      I do what makes me money, but thanks for noticing because I have been feeling much more positive about my level this year! I am working harder on my technical skills and style in my free hours. Someday people may commission me for my not porn and I will have more to show... I try to keep this page less bombarded with porn and keep the mass load on FA (only posting here things that get many favorites as a baseline). I'll make sure to post some of my design things soon though, would love feedback on that stuff. I tend to not post it since people don't seem generally interested in that from me, I guess? I feel demotivated about posting it when it gets little response. I have a stack of things on rotation but they are taking me longer to do since its not income generating (yet, I plan to get more aggressive starting Jan) and I am far more strict on self projects.

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        I understand. I can't sell even if I do porn and FA screwed me over big time so I am not on there anymore. But yes I can see a BIG improvement in your work and would love to see your other stuff!

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          It's a hard world out there in the art scene. Specially with the inflated market of hobbists and students making it harder for sales. Without FA I might have never attempted to go full time. I am pretty grateful to the furry fandom and its Italian renaissance mentality to patronage, I started out in the anime scene and used to do assistant inking but even that sorta is a peanuts gig now if you don't have a fat foot in the industry door. I might drop you a link sometime so you can see some of my projects pre finish for some feedback.