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Digital Commissions Closed for Now!

Digital Commissions are closed!

~Prices Here!~

No more than two characters per ANY drawing please.
If a character has extra details (like wings, extra limbs, complicated clothes etc) I will add on an extra fee.
If the rating of your drawing is adult (tasteful nudity does not count) I will add on an extra fee.
I have a right to turn down a commission for any reason.
There ARE subjects I will not draw. Please feel free to ask if you'd like to know beforehand, otherwise I will let you know when you apply.
Examples of what I will NOT draw: backgrounds, furniture, inflation, city stomping/tiny cities/other similar extreme macro/micro subject matter, pictures that focus only on paws or feet (paws being present are ok but not a picture of JUST paws please), cub, diapers, scat/WS/vomiting, automobiles, robots, human faces, etc. Again, please feel free to ask.

Please be ready to pay immediately, or I will skip over you for the next person!

I will get them done one at a time as soon as they are paid for! Some drawings may take me a while to finish depending on complexity. I follow refs as much as I humanly can, so to ensure that I do not miss anything in your character, please make sure the refs you send are up to date and accurate :)
If I make any mistakes or if there are any small changes you would like to make, I will be happy to accomodate you.
Sketches and Coloured Sketches come with one free tweak/correction. Lineart, Flat Colours and Shaded commissions come with two free tweaks/corrections. Any additional changes are subject to a fee.
(To clarify = a tweak or correction means a slight change of pose, a correction of an expression or anatomy, etc. Not an entire redraw. Redraws are subject to a higher fee.)

To apply, please comment here with this form:
Character refs:
Commission type:
Quick description of poses:
Any extra info you want to include:

Do NOT send commission info over notes please. If you like, you may email me instead of commenting at mountaingunthunder at gmail dot com

Comment below or email me with your commission inquiry and I will choose commissions to work on one at a time. This is to not overwhelm myself, but as I finish each one the spot will open again. They will continue to be open until I've worn myself out :)

This is NOT first come first serve!! But there are good chances I will draw for everyone who inquires unless it falls into the category of subjects on my won't-draw list. For those subjects please inquire, or just look in my gallery to see what isn't there :P

Payment is due before I start - USD via paypal only. Please do NOT send payment until I ask!

Thank you all :D

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    Heeeey LONG TIME NO SEE <3

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    Your art is amazing!

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    Your linework is amazing, so smooth and clean. Awesome work.

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    OMG Im so honored! Thanks so much for following me!

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    ty for favin! you got some neat art here!

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    Thank you for the +follow - it is greatly appreciated. : )

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    Hello, hello :>