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32 year old from Ohio.
But enough about the artist.

Timote is an Arctic Kangaroo, a species with origins unknown but highly speculated upon. He is the unfortunate owner of two size triggers. Coconut, which he hates anyway, shrinks him when digested. And Vodka when taken internally causes him to muscle and size grow.

This fluffy white marsupial with bright blue markings and piercing ice blue eyes has an affinity for most things feet and feet-paw related. The mere bob of a ladies idle foot sends his face into a brighter deeper hue anywhere from pink to red even through furry cheeks.
His favorite by far has to be fuzzy house slippers. One can often find him cozying up inside the clean ones when he's shrunken. However, one has to force him into the not so clean ones.

Species Timote has an affinity for:
and Polar Bears

He also really likes Lucario's but they aren't real right?



Latest Journal

Dusting Off

I'm dusting off this page and musing on being more active on Weasyl. Given so many issues on other sites. I don't like being someone that jumps ship, but atmittedly things have me worried lately about safety of my work.

Not to mention I can hide a little here. Not so many folks watching me. I want to change that, but not by a whole lot at one time.

For the moment I'm going to take it slow and start introducing some ideas I've been working on.

What I am looking for from the community is support. Both in the form of encouragement and constructive criticism. and I do mean constructive.

Everyone has opinions, good and bad. Those are just criticisms, a fair portion of the time.

Constructive criticism is looking at an art piece, noting something that could be improved, and offering some level of support in fixing it.
So many just state that something is bad, or ugly, or 'Off'. That leaves an artist agravated, disheartened, and beating themselves up that much more because us creative types tend to have a weakness for bashing ourselves. We don't need help in that respect. haha. :)

I like to know what my fans like. I like to produce what my fans like. I also like to further my own ideas.
Crowdsourcing ideas it something I do often. This doesn't mean I'm going to draw anything that is suggested, but it does mean I'm trying to streamline my thought process to get something done.

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    Thank you for faving my little iphone pictures. I really enjoyed meeting the kangaroos!

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    Holy cuss dude, thanks for all the favorites; my notice list list is buried in your name, not that I'm complaining :P.

    how's life treatin' ya?

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      It's a little rough but getting better slowly. how bout you?

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