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So I'm making this profile so I can find other artists to commission, and maybe get rid of the headache that I now know as FurAffinity. I love the site to death, but I'm losing sanity in trying to defend it when it's in, "Read Only," mode more often than any other site. That being said, I may even completely migrate all my schtuff over to this side, but most of my dealings are still with artists over at FA for now.

IMPORTANT NOTE Please, PLEASE, if you intend to draw Jordayne as a gift to me, PLEASE ASK FIRST! You can draw any other character of mine that you want as a gift, but for my fursona, ask first. He is my, "Spirit Guide," and I would rather NOT have him portrayed in certain positions, ways, or situations, so please ask me before you draw him!

Icon was drawn by the amazing KitaCommissions

And the reference to my, "Commissioner's Rant."

My Characters:

Jordayne (aka my fursona and Spirit Guide):








and Griff:

Wish List/Art and Artists I want to Commission:




Shebarikiri: Life-Sized Jordayne!

Zeeka: Jordayne Pin-Up

Chibbums: Expression Sheet/ Piano shot(?)

Danji-Isthmus: Inspirational Vomit

Whitefoot: Cute Fullbody Shot

Apoxon: Shot-Glass set and Hoodie

Fursuiting: Partial.... or Jordayne's Head at least....

(^^can also be done by dragon-x2)

BlueWolfCheetah: Hat

DracoLoricatus: Cuff / doorway idea (not official nor thrown his way, but I'm getting ideas........)

Nyomi: Charm

Melangetic: Custom Messenger Bag (Based off of Jordayne's design)

And last thing.... If you're planning on getting on my bad side, click here.....

Latest Journal

Just wanted to get this out of my system...

Ok, I'd wanted to write this for a while, but never really found the words until recently... this is MY story if I were to have written Shayne Koykzan's "To This Day," monologue.

When I was a kid, I made the mistake of weighing myself when I was 8 years old. The memory of watching the needle flutter to numbers in excess of 150 pounds is one of the few moments that I let define myself even today.
When I was 9, there was only one kid in my life who felt comfortable I'm sharing a friendship with me; and by age 10, he had given up to peer pressure, joining the rest of the school in taunting me for my weight.
When I was 19, he found me on Facebook and sent me a letter, apologizing for being so cruel in our adolescence, and asking for forgiveness. Before I granted his wish, I had only one question: "Why?" I never heard from him again.
I waited for over a week with no reply before sending a few scathing letters that ultimately led him to block me on the site. Years after that, I was on my second Facebook account when I realized my mistake, resulting in me sending one last letter, granting his wish of forgiveness, and asking for the same for the way I reacted. To this day, I still await his response.

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I'm a BRAND NEW ARTIST! Literally, I started learning about a month ago when a local artist forced me to draw a Fox face using her own teaching/drawing method. From there, I've only kept going on, furthering myself to keep going.

All that being said, I'm probably gonna be cheap, low quality, and more likely to be taking requests for the sake of experience for now. But take them at your own risk: it's rather obvious how new I am.....



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    Thanks for following me, I appreciate it! <3

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      Oh, no problem at all! I've been stalk-- I mean, FOLLOWING you for a bit on FA, so I thought I'd drop by and give your Weasyl account some love, too!

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        hugs back
        I have a feeling that you're an awesome person hah

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          I WOULD agree with you on that outright, but that would make me look and feel like a narcissistic douchebag..... lol, but some people would agree with you. I DO have a certain tendency to be awesome. *looks up in the distance and flutters wings with pride *

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            I wouldn't doubt them. Look at you, being so humble and thoughtful haha tail sways gently as she boops your nose