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I am 25 and am a downtown phoenix artist.
I make buttons, fursuits, digital and traditional art. Contact me to see if I'm open for commissions!
Also I work at firehouse gallery in downtown phoenix.

Artwork will not be made until I have the money from you.
I reserve the right to display and reproduce (ie; make prints and sell them) all works I make.
I do not own any of anyone else's characters.
If you do not want me to reproduce or display my work I did for you, you will have to buy the rights to my piece on top of the commission price.
Please be cordial and explain things clearly.
Enjoy the artwork :3



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Dont worry about what people say..

on 18 December 2015 at 23:54:07 MST

I feel that it is important to not worry about what others may think of you. I'm going back to that policy. Do good, and let those that are upset about that, be upset. Do no harm, and if people have a problem with you, so be it. I've found that gives me a good sound mind and allows me to sleep at night.

If I worried about what each and every person thought about me, I'd drive myself insane with paranoia. It's best to not care, and do your best, and be who you want to be.

I think this was a lesson I learned when I left my parent's house. I did pretty well with it. It's served me good. I've also learned that I am rather quite independent and am hard to keep a thumb down on.. especially since I dont need an ordinary job. I'm self employed. As long as there's a goodwill around, I'll be good.

I dont know why I initially worried so much about things. I think I was scared of losing things that I've gotten. Then again, stuff is just stuff, nobody needs any of it. if you have your own two feet, you can walk on your own. (metaphorically speaking, people without feet can indeed be independent) Friends are only friends when they decide to be your friend, I've learned. Though, you can be a friend to all, but other people have to decide to be your friend to become "your friend". It's reciprocation, and that's important but not necessary.

I need to just be myself, whatever that may be. Which.. we are only defined by the way we define ourselves.. so there's this cyclical argument which leads people to wander the lands in search of themselves. People get under other people's thumbs, and oftentimes they cant get out. They become drones, slaves, people without will. One face in the masses. It's the spark of individualism that defines us. People need that spark.

I've been hiding too much. Avoiding too much. deer-in-headlights too much. I've always had that spark, but I've been scared of it becoming a fire. Which is what it needs to be, I feel.. for me to be truly successful.

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    Oh my gosh your artwork is so beautiful! I'm glad you commented on one of my journals! <3

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    Lovely stuff! Thank you for the pleasant chat and the welcome to the site. <3

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    Thank you very much for faving my artwork! :D

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    Aren't you SvetaLion on twitter?

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      nope! I'm .. I think xrcalo on twitter.

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    yo zee is your skype broken today or am I just really not doing the timezone thing well enough and you've been asleep/busy/other reason?

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      been busy. sorry. I wasnt around a computer all day yesterday.