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( Lol my age is not 82 how the heck did my email mix up with that?? )

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on 1 March 2016 at 07:08:41 MST

Hey guys long time no see.

I've been very busy outside this place- but this is more targeted towards...animal lovers? I guess I can say? I never got the support I wanted for my artwork, so I moved onto Artrift! I love it there it's the best art website that is alternative towards Deviantart. I gave up on DA due to harassment, intolerant and bigotry assholes on there.

I love artrift because I have the support I need. But they fixed the website so it took...three days to wait? (basically the whole weekend ) Now it's back up! But the issue is when I try to log back on, the loading button takes FOREVER. So I emailed one of the guys what seems to be the issue.

So for emergencies I also have a Fanart-Central page! I miss Artrift terribly because I met some really nice people. ...I feel like FA-Central is old and their fandom died a long time ago. (I've seen comments since 2004 )! I guess they launched FA-Central during DA's time? (or after)?

But ya I hope they fix the loading button when you log in. I have an account but it just takes forever once you log in. :(

I also have a terrible relapse cold. I'm going to the doctor's today to see what's wrong. I've had this cough for - a month I think? It's worse at night though. I can hardly sleep well due to the coughs itchy throat, and ear popping. (i guess that's how you describe it)

But ya I moved to two websites.

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    Thanks for the watch :D

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    Thank you for the faves! :3

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    thank you so much for the follow! :3

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    Thanks so much! =)

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    Just fixin up a few fanfics I'm gunna be posting on here. ^^ how are you?

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      excited to read them! x3 thats how im doing x3

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        You're too nice! But I actually have a question about the fanfics ^^; if that's alright- I'm trying to submit them but it seems they only accept plain txt format? Do you know how to do the coding for that? It's weird, I never experienced such things before. :o