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Artist, musician, writer and videographer
with an interest in screenwriting.
Big nerd for sci-fantasy, neon, and
that good ol' early 00s skatepunk aesthetic.


Quoigenic plural system of 11, alterhuman.
Diagnosed DID, anxiety and autism.
Centre-left moderate (SocDem), against both far right and far left extremism.
Vegan and strongly oppose all forms of animal abuse.
I will never support p//dophilia or z//philes in any form.

My OCs are extensions of my identity and
direct representations of my alters/headmates.
This means that any art of my OCs is
expressive of how I perceive myself.
You may NOT use any of my OCs or
art of them as if they were your own.
You may NOT depict any of my OCs
in NSFW scenarios without my permission.


Bandcamp (serious music)
Discord (tell me who you are when DMing!)
Flight Rising
Personal Site (WIP)
Soundcloud (music/shitposts)
Telegram (Art Channel)
Twitter (Art)
Twitter (Politics/Personal)

Latest Journal

In Memoriam of all the people I used to talk to

Doubt any of these people still use Weasyl and some of them probably never did have an account here or on FA, but whether they read it or not, kinda feels like a good time to just throw a bunch of words out and just get a bunch of shit off my chest somewhere. This goes back a few years but y'know... gotta put some memories somewhere so I don't forget who I was or where I am now.

Lone Companion - wherever you are, I hope you're doing okay now. I miss your journals and unique take on life. Neat fursona as well. I was a fucking weird-ass bastard, especially unmedicated, and hung around the wrong kinds of people and I really hope that didn't contribute to your leaving of Weasyl. So... I sincerely apologize for that. Wherever you are, keep making fantastical works of fart.

Lyude - God how long have we known each other now? Fucking forever. I'd say we went out separate ways on most political issues but I hope you're out living your best life. Idk if you still look at my twitter but you seem like you'll accomplish great things in the world of programming. You go girl.

ForestFright - I was a fucking dick to you, even way back in the earlier days. I'm genuinely sorry. Your art has improved so fucking much since the first MS paint stuff you shared back on IRC and I'm so glad you have a large following and a strong reputation as an artist today. I'd talk to you again but don't know how to approach you or if you really hate me or not. I do see your stuff around from time to time though. I like the way you draw bats.

Sylar - still see you on the discord but I like... never talk in there lmao. Are you even on weasyl? idfk. You called me out on a lot of my lolcow shit and I should have been more grateful for it tbh, even if we did butt heads a lot and there was that time you got into my old FA account. I kinda deserved it though. You were my introduction into the actual south park fandom though, and into a fucktonne of good music. You were also genuinely funny, I just had a shitty sense of humour and didn't get your jokes at the time.

Salamence Tamer Terry - I was an absolute fuckign piece of shit the way I tossed you aside like that. You got me into Smash Mouth beyond just the shrek soundtrack. I actually couldn't listen to Smash Mouth for years because I felt so bad about what happened in our last ever conversation. If I ever see Garret again I'm gonna kick that groomer hard in the dick because I was a fuckign retard. Hope life's treating you well now.

Caldoran - I have fond memories of that time you said sarah brightman sounded like dialga's cry lol

ZystraL - where tf are you now, I know I have you on facebook but we never talk. What's happening with your life? I remember when we argued over whether a samsung flip phone was red or pink lmao.

VadiuM - Still have that speedcore mixtape you sent me lol, lost the bitcoin you gave me though. Keep on raving mate.

Kenny - please never speak to me again, but also, I'm so so goddamn sorry. Please stay safe.

Bill, Ford and the Flight Rising Discord - miss you guys. We had some good times.

that one blue serval turned fossa, you know who you are - Go on medication dude, you seriously need it. Also, fuck you.

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