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Komickrazi studios Queue Reopening - December 1st

on 18 November 2017 at 13:33:14 MST

Yay! It's finally happening, I will be reopening my queue in a few weeks!

Mark your calendars! December 1st, I will be reopening my queue for new commissions :D

What you need to know... Details below:

OMG, about darn time! How can I submit a quote request?
Please visit my webpage for commission information:
Please ensure a SINGLE reference sheet is included with your commission quote request. Reference sheet should show EXACTLY what your character looks like (including correct colors and markings), and shows the ENTIRE character.

When will you begin work on my costume?
There are currently 22 people on my queue at this time, so I will NOT begin working on your costume right away. My queue will be for a late spring/early Summer start time.

OH NO! I don't know if I will be able to get a quote request in fast enough, how will I ever get a spot?
I do not like to open and close my queue over and over. Personal reasons forced me to close my queue originally, but I am in a much better position currently and I do not plan on closing my queue again any time soon. There is no rush! If you cannot get a quote request in right away, don't worry! you may send in a quote request at a later date and I should still be open.

Hey now, I am already on your queue and waiting patiently for my turn. Will this Queue opening affect me in any way?
Nope, I will continue to work on costumes in my queue in the order listed, which can be viewed at ANY TIME on my webpage: (just scroll down to the bottom).
Any NEW commissions will be added to the bottom of the list and they will have to wait for their turn just as you did.

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    I adore your suit work! They look so beautifully made and feel very much alive! I love it!

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    Hi there - it was great to meet you at FE this weekend and to have a couple of dances with the beautiful Momo :D Looking back through your gallery, you have a lot of really incredible suits!

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    I really like your suits!

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      We always were, but now its official.

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        oh mah gawsh, you're right!!!!

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    Thanks for the watch :)

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    Love your suit work! Thanks for the watch!