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Welcome to the Weasyl of The Critter Factory!

WE MAKE EVERY CRITTER! So, if you can dream it, we can do it!

Commissions are currently closed, but we are giving quotes for next month.

Contact us by calling or e-mailing TCFquotes[at]

We will now be Closed on Weekends

All emails received after 5PM EST on Friday will not be answered until the following Monday after 12AM EST

That goes for calls as well. Unless otherwise notified.

Be sure to visit our website for more info:

Thank you,

Media, Cyril and Ripner



Latest Journal

Commissions Closed! Offering Preliminary Quotes!

Posted by Ripner,

Hello, commissions are now officially closed as we have filled the slots we had open. Although commissions are closed we will reopen our quote form, located here:\#gid=0 if you'd like to get an approximate price on what your suit would cost.

The advantage to this is that it gives you time to plan and save for next time commissions open. These quotes will only be approximate, and new quotes will need to be submitted when commissions actually open as prices may change in the interim.

Another advantage to receiving a quote now, is you will be added to an e-mail notification list to receive immediate notice when we open commissions again ahead of when we post the notice on our various websites.

We are also always happy to answer your questions, either at my e-mail ripnertcf AT or our quotes e-mail tcfquotes AT

Thank you and keep an eye on all of our web sites.


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    You guys are one of my favorite suit makers, really happy to see your work here!

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    Hi there! Glad I found you here, still love your suits always! I still rock Marilyn every chance I get and he is loved by everyone who sees him. Thank you always for making me such an amazing suit! <3

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    thanks for the follow

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    Good to see you here, buddy! May I say, I love the personal quote at the top of your page.

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    Your suits are so CUTE <3 C:

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    Whoa, thank you for the follow!

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    oh boy! Thank ya for the follow! I love your stuff! (I am also designosaur btw)

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    Thank you so much for following! Pretty neat suits you have here, yup :3