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Retired From Weasyl Staff

on 30 September 2017 at 18:41:33 MDT

Hi everyone- this is a journal that I am sad to be posting, but it is one that I have put much thought into. As of August of 2017, I've retired from Weasyl staff. I know currently there is a staff badge next to my username and my avatar is listed on the staff page, but I've not taken any staff action on site business since the end of August.

It has been a wonderful 4 years on Weasyl staff, but I've got to move on to taking care of real-life responsibilities. I wish the very best to Weasyl staff, and of course to all of you, the Weasyl userbase.

I request that instead of inquiring to me about any staff business, please use the appropriate channels ( being the best). Any moderation-related requests sent to this account or addressed to me in some form will not be responded to.

Thanks all. Stay awesome <3


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    how do i change my name on weasl

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      Hi! You can e-mail and request a name change there. :) Make sure the name you'd like is available, and that you e-mail support from the e-mail address you used to register your account.

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    I've just sent an email to a few seconds ago.
    Look for - Edit/Removal Submission settings are faulty. PLEASE!

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    Hello, there's a fault in the weasyl Edit/Removal Submission settings.

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      Hi! Thanks for notifying! Could you please send a more detailed report to ? Much appreciated :)

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    Ooh, what do you do as director? :0

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      I'm one of the directors for the moderation team, and along with doing reports of all levels I also handle a lot of moderator training and e-mail support requests. I also assist with documentation related to site moderation :)