I'm an illustrator who's fascinated with nature, storytelling, spirituality, animals, and mythology. My work is done in a variety of mediums, mainly marker and digital for 2D work. The past couple years I've been focusing on learning sculpture and casting. The sculpts you find here are originally done in a wax based clay and later cast in a sturdy resin. From design to finish, all sculpts are done by my own hand!

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Taking on Spring 2017 Commissions!

on 16 February 2017 at 15:03:27 MST

Commissions: OPEN!

With much of my overdue commission list either finished or on its way to being finished, I would like to take on some Spring time commissions!

-What's open, you ask?
Cloud Cat Themed:
Full Color Digital Painting:
Drawings, such as my most recent one here:

-General price estimates and info about my process may be found here:

-How long will they be open?
Already I have a couple of people lined up, so it partly depends on what the interest is this time around, (a couple of full color digital pieces would close things pretty quickly). At the latest, it will be open until Friday, February 24th, which you can track by the status at the top of this journal.

-Where should I contact you?
Email please!
ccarpenter (at) wintersoulstudios (dot) com

If you have any problems with the above email, please use my backup email: alightir (at) gmail (dot) com

Feel free to post below or contact me!

For Current Commissioners:
I believe just about everyone has had an update within the month of February. However, there are a couple of people who I updated a while back, checked in with, and never received a response. I'll be doing a round of checking in on that group next week. Of course, if you see this before then, you're welcome to give me a nudge and say, "hey, wait, I am still alive!" :) Of course in the case that it's technology errors, you can't get through to my email, etc., please do use the alternate email above.

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See Website

See Webite For Prices
$ 30.00

For info, prices, examples, and TOS, visit the commission page on my site:

Those who are interested may send an email here:
ccarpenter (at) wintersoulstudios (dot) com
(No notes, pms, or posts please!)

All custom painted sculptures and pendants may be ordered through the online shop:


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