Winter Soul Studios On Patreon by WinterSoul

Winter Soul Studios On Patreon


16 May 2019 at 12:47:00 MDT

Guess who finally had enough fire under her butt to hop on Patreon? That’s right, after a long time of itching to set one up, Winter Soul Studios is now up on Patreon:

Jokes about metaphorical fires aside, this really is something which I've been wanting to do. This is part of setting up a larger support system for some future projects which mean the world to me. Not only that, but I’ve been trying to think of different ways to share the art process with all of you, and I’ve known for a long time now that this is a way a lot of artists set-up exactly what I’m looking for. It’s about time I put it into action!

Detailed info is on the Patreon page itself, so briefly, here are a few of the treats which I’m offering for Patrons:
-Access to a private Discord server, just for Patrons! (You’ll get an invite to the adoptable discord too).
-The Patreon feed where I’ll be talking shop about art and storytelling, early bird access to new work, work in progress, life as an artist, etc.
-Etsy shop discounts
-Second chance adopts
-Calling dibs on new merchandise
-Opinion polls
-Shout outs and much love!

I have future ideas for rewards as well, but first need to build up the page. This by no means is a paywall, just an extra way people can support the art while getting a peek into new material, and a different way for me to release new offers. Hope to see some of you there!

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