Character Auction - Isidora by WinterSoul

Character Auction - Isidora


18 April 2019 at 13:42:59 MDT

The castings from this mold are only obtainable from these auctions and characters made for this adoptable world. Only 14 castings of each mold will be made. The goal in my auctions is to provide people with characters who have meaningful stories, and that go beyond an idea in the mind/digital space by accompanying you in the physical world. With that, please do join me in another limited edition adoptable ornament auction!

Character Background:
Isidora is an embodiment of transience. She does not appear to have ever had a home or possessions, yet the air about her is always joyful and carefree. While some Whisps can become longtime companions, she only appears for brief moments before vanishing in a breeze. When she appears remember, do not weep for treasures which have passed, but take joy in the time you had with that treasure.

She is up for auction right now, you too can join in by following either of the links below: