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First of all enjoy your stay in my gallery, hope you like what you see!

I am currently a freelancer illustrator who enjoys doing what he is doing. My themes changes almost all year as I love to do experiments with undiscovered fields to learn more as an artist.

In real I am a bit hard to socialize well, I am not that good with approaching people - pretty shy - but if you talk to me I try my best to respond. Sometimes I do "disappear" for a week or two, handling my family and family issues which I not desire to put online. I try to keep in touch with those people I have business with - but my works can be delayed by such events.

I am a proud owner of a rescued fox - whom will be 2 years old this year and a huge bamm of inspiration for me on various way.

I have galleries on more places you can follow me if you like;

DeviantArt: - used to be my main, but I not upload everything there anymore.
FurAffinity: - still new there, not my favourite place due of the bad way it handles privacy and I lost trust in their note system entirely, not feel "safe". But I have many friends there I love.

Tumbrl: - Recently pretty active there, rarely reblog trying to use it an art blog with wips, sketches and concepts. It is very active.

If you want to contact with me you can do it via this email; - this email is kept for communicating with the world or answer more personal questions regarding arts, commissions or even about my fox. This is not my primary email, just my public one.

Latest Journal

Tuesday livestreams

Just some heads up; - I possibly will make regular live streams on Tuesdays every week - primary working with commissions at this time. I may randomly make streams beside it as well, but Tuesdays for commissions !
I will notify personally through email my clients when I stream their work of course and it also not means I work these only when I am streaming, but through stream everyone can see the recent progress and ask questions if they have any!
You find my art stream here -

Tomorrow at 6 pm EST / Midnight GMT+1 will be streaming my next commission -

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    Beautiful work! I love your use of color!

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    Wow, your art is really stunning and you have so much talent!

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    (Ɔ ˘⌣˘)♥(˘⌣˘ C) loves you lotsa more always

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    Love your colours!

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    np! ;w;

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    Welcome! And thank you for following me back, you have lovely art!

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    Thank you very much for the follow here, really means a lot ^^

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    Sure thing! Your style is quite captivating -- I look forward to future submissions from you!