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in peace, vigilance by Widdershins

in peace, vigilance


Completed tarot illustration commission of Warden Alistair for teklacat !

Theme was temperance - and to present it well I used several symbols.

  • Griphons by today not existing creatures - the stone appearance of it refers to their memory, but in other hand the real Griphon clawed paw on the front tells that they still live; in the heart of a Warden which results - balance.
  • The Griphon claw also refers to war and battles since it is sharp and rough but as it is coming out from the rose bushes which is more soft and tender it eases its sharpness for war and that creates an inner harmony.
  • Following with the roses Alistair holds one glowing one in one hand representing Love (since he give rose to the warden if romanced) but from his other hand darkspawn blood flows, bringing pain and darkness equally talking about the bad and good bringing balance.
  • If we talk about darkspawn blood there we can see a chalice upside down(upside down; it represents the lost opportunity, his passed chance for the throne) sort of signal/symbol of royalty (but also symbol for the Joining)while the sword in the claw of the Griphon refers to a knight figure and also represent a bit his templar past.
  • The cycle repeats.

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    Beautiful design. I actually got a t-shirt with the design on your soceity6 page c: