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Hi I draw weird stuff, there is tag filtering

hi hello I draw weird smut for the most part idk I'll figure something out.
Male irl idk, I don't have a canonical gender irl irl

Just a trashman trying to do better than trash.



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It is my birthday today

So, this is relevant mostly if you are coming here from FurAffinity . . .

Many of the galleries on Weasyl are mirrors, yes.

Mine is not a copy from FA though!!! The vast majority of content in my gallery will never be posted to Furaffinity.

If you have a few extra minutes and you're catching up with my work, please spend some of that time looking through the gallery itself.

Here's a link so that you can do it directly from this page.

This is the link to the gallery

Anyway, thanks for your continued support and comments.
I do read all of them!
It's very important to do that.

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from $ 80.00
to $ 250.00
Refined Drawing
from $ 55.00
to $ 100.00
Rough Sketch
from $ 20.00
to $ 50.00

All of this information is outdated.


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    Wow, thank you for watching me! Big fan of your work! (Followed you here after the whole Tumblrpocolypse)

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    Ummmmmm, how do I view explicit stuff? I feel stupid because I can't figure it out.

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    Finally I was able to sign back in on this site. Looks like I missed a few things! Time for a fave spam! :p

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    Wow look at this cutie right here. :eyes:

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    Oh, holy heck, I can't believe I didn't notice this earlier! That friend that I sent you months ago was a mistake; I didn't even realize it was sent! I can't believe I didn't realize this all until now!

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    Thanks for the follow NERD 💙
    I mean it endearingly I love your work pls dont hurt me ;w;

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      WELCOM!!!!! :O

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    thankyou <3