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Hi I draw weird stuff, there is tag filtering

hi hello I draw weird smut for the most part idk I'll figure something out.
Male irl idk, I don't have a canonical gender irl irl

I used to be on FurAffinity, too I guess as TehSean
"Sean" was already taken originally, that's the story behind that name.



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on 22 May 2016 at 18:34:54 MDT

So, this is relevant mostly if you are coming here from FurAffinity . . .

Many of the galleries on Weasyl are mirrors, yes.

Mine is not a copy from FA though!!! The vast majority of content in my gallery will never be posted to Furaffinity.

If you have a few extra minutes and you're catching up with my work, please spend some of that time looking through the gallery itself.

Here's a link so that you can do it directly from this page.

This is the link to the gallery

Anyway, thanks for your continued support and comments.
I do read all of them!
It's very important to do that.

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from $ 80.00
to $ 250.00
Refined Drawing
from $ 55.00
to $ 100.00
Rough Sketch
from $ 20.00
to $ 50.00

Base cost suggests the minimum price. This is a general estimate based on what I typically get asked to do. The final estimate can include brainstorming, revisions, complexity, and adherence to referential detail vs. interpretation.

Contracts vary from person to person and are usually agreed upon conversationally, but the only rule for sure is that you are not allowed to resell/monetize your commission in any form, unless that has been agreed upon in advance.

Unfortunately, it's impossible to have a fixed price. The prices shown are the minimum, and have gone up depending on what's asked for.
Please consider that I have bills, too!


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    I always love seeing your work, you have such a fantastic art-rage style with your exaggerated curves and an unmatched intensity. I really hope to get a place on your commissions list some time!

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      Sorry idk when I'll be publicly open for accepting more commission work.

      Oooh? Art-rage style? I'm curious. Who are some other artists who have an art-rage style?

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        I'd read as much on your journal, just wishful thinking, ha. I'd probably point you to the likes of the non-scat works of Min, Mamabliss, Those are the few I can think of that have comparable styles. All unique in their own rights, just a certain flamboyance and energy that make it all seem so alive, rather than calmer styles (E.G. Gideon, DBD). Yours for instance, always have a certain gravity to them, everything seems so tight and full, beyond the subject matter (which is another level of appreciable all it's own). Whenever I'm looking at one of your works, beyond being instantly recognizable, it always conveys a sort of confidence, even though, contrarily, the characters are almost always begging for more.

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          Ahhhh okay. Thank you very much for explaining it so thoroughly! :D Thank you thank you

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    Oh jeez. I've missed so much. Thank you from the bottom for all the hard work you share with us.

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      !!!! .. Y'welcome!

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    alot of lovely stuff ;3 <3

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      why thank u