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time will remember us by Widdershins

time will remember us


"But for now, the vallaslin are fresh, and he stands behind the assembly, head bowed in supplication."

Illustration for story/concept as a gift art for mxthal and path-of-sorrows

Before anyone would note, yes I added partially pointy ear to Flemeth for what she is symbolizing - over human ears. I wanted this way for the symbolism and story for the image.

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    Great detail in the feathers on her shoulders. I also really like the winding markings on the male character, and that you continued to use thema long the bottom and integrated them into the background. And of course - I also love the animals subtly winding their way through the background.

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      Thank you kindly!
      Curious so many enjoy the feathers !
      I tired to mix equally way the painted characters with the bit stylized elements in it and glad it works out well and not feels the entire work collapsing :>
      The animals having here many meaning - mostly ingame lore but not many really took note on them so glad they are visible and fit into the composition even if you may not know their meaning properly! It is important that the whole stand together for everyone who looking at it :>

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    I love all the symbolism and the little halla peeking in the background. And I just noticed the dread wolf next to Flemeth!

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    Oh wow, I love this so much! I mean your work is amazing. I am sorry I have nothing constructive to say. I just really love this picture, and it is great considering what she is. I can tell you have put so much thought into this.