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Custom exotics offers handmade polymer clay art work based on the exotics animals that inhabit our planet. Reptiles, amphibians and birds are common works.

I've been working with polymer clay for over two years now, I've come a long way and can't wait to see where I'm at in two more. Custom Exotics is something I want to watch grow and expand over the next few years into something that offers more then just polymer clay accessories. I hope to expand not only to different products but to different mediums as well so that Custom Exotics will have something to offer for everyone who has a love for the exotics animals we share the planet with.

If you would like to look at some of the things I have for sale check out My Etsy Shop



Complex Patterns
from C$ 25.00
to C$ 100.00
Medium Pattern
from C$ 15.00
to C$ 25.00
Simple Pattern
from C$ 10.00
to C$ 15.00

If you have any questions about something you would like commissioned please message me. These prices are very general estimations. Prices vary from piece to piece just like the commissions themselves and its much easier for me to give you a closer estimation to a final price when I know exactly what you are looking for.

All Prices listed are very general estimations and DO NOT include shipping costs.



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    I got my ball python in the mail and OH my gosh it's SO GORGEOUS I love it so much!!! Please let me know if you ever consider selling that gaboon viper - I'd really be interested in that or another one, and willing to pay what you feel it's worth. Your work is absolutely STUNNING!!!

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      :D!!! YAY i'm glad you like it!!! I'm not sure if there is a personal message system on here but i'll try and find it!

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    Your snake artwork is really cool!

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      Thank you very much :D!!! I will be honest, when I checked out your page, I thought all the thumbnails were photographs until I clicked on the Oriole and had my mind blown when I read it was acrylics. You have an amazing talent!