Whisp Schedule 2019 by WinterSoul

Whisp Schedule 2019


17 January 2019 at 13:35:51 MST

Important news - the Whisp auctions for this year are officially all scheduled out! Save the dates if you see a particular marble you like, as these are limited edition, and each one has a unique marble. The dates:

Feb - 1st-5th
March - 14-19
April - 18-23
May - Open
June - 5-7
July - 18-19
Aug - 14-16
Sept - Open
Oct - 17-21
Nov - 1-5
Dec - 5-10

A big change for this year is that I will be opening for custom paints of these in the months of May and September! More on that when the time comes, but briefly, the custom paints will be geared towards people who want to create a companion for their character, have an idea for a Whisp, or in general just want to skip past the auction hustle.

The February Whisp is only a couple of weeks away, get ready!

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