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The Amazing Furnal Equinox 2014

on 13 March 2014 at 19:58:49 MDT

I didn't do a pre-con meme, so I thought I'd write up a summary of my own con experience from this past Furnal Equinox (2014). I don't think this is going to be easy to summarize, but I'll try.

The drive there and home was some of the smoothest I've ever experienced between Ottawa and Toronto, and thankfully by mid-afternoon Biakko, Featheredragon and myself had arrived under sunny skies and with hopeful smiles.

This wasn't my most energetic con, as I didn't really do much late into the nights and I didn't do a ton of suiting (although I did get in my fair share, and most of it was fullsuiting this year :) but I felt it was balanced. I managed to make the most of the time spent with my lovely tigress as well as all my friends. It seemed like we were able to run into almost every Ottawa fur that was at the con, at one time or another (which was awesome yet not overwhelming.)

Much to many people's surprise, I had decided to enter the dance competition (FE's 2nd annual one.) There was an amazing 26 dancers (a full 10% of the suiters in attendance,) including a number of friends of mine. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to pull it off (including physically, as my body had been acting up the days leading up to the actual show) but in the end carried myself through it and most people seemed to like what I did. :) For those wondering, I danced to "Time's Scar" (which was the theme to the game Chrono Cross, but has a very tribal feel to it.) I caught a lot of people off guard with being there, but it was worth it in the end and I'm glad I went through with it all. Definitely the highlight of my con weekend, bar nothing.

If you want to see my dance, video (including the other competitors) can currently be found here:

I met Kiba Wolf there as well... his video (which I just saw tonight and which also features Athene Owl) can be seen here:

Howls go to Fionnadh, Eris Valgen, Panzier, Skyryd3r, Ledgema, and Jirashi for some amazing times, although if the first one ever suggests walking to sushi in March again, I'm gonna feed him to the fanboys. >.<

Memorable moments:

  • waiting with Zets in the lobby Thursday night for another fur to arrive, only to realize the mixed signals that had happened (but still enjoying seeing the reactions of normal people who were still showing up to the hotel and then greeted by a large walking, talking raccoon ^.^)

  • Getting a room on the 2nd floor - and then finding out just how many of my friends were on that level as well. :)

  • seeing Tica (the 2-toed sloth!) in the audience at the opening ceremonies and hoping to catch her in suit later; little did I realize just what a big part of the con she would end up playing ^.^

  • Meeting Flow's grandmother Daha for the first time in person; she is such a sweet lady, and definitely seemed to fit right in. I know she'd wanted a picture with myself and Okwaho, but the timing of it just never happened. Ah well, another time...

  • Randomly walking by the photo booth on Friday and seeing a picture of Neeraja and Zets from last year in a frame.... which, as it turns out, is one that they both had taken in 2013 but forgot to pick up. But hey - free advertising is free advertising ^.^

  • Almost not being in the fursuit picture/parade due to confusion about how the timing of when we needed to be there. Considering last year's 45-minute suiter crushing, wrangling experience, I was skeptical they were going to let us in so early. Imagine my surprise at getting there with Nemesis around 3:15 and finding the doors already closed. Thankfully, they let us in the back when a large group of us started to assemble. It was good that they were more efficient this year, but communication and timeliness seemed to be the biggest challenges faced by the staff overall.

  • providing an unexpected delivery of St Albert cheese curds and asian candies to Snapback (originally brought as a bribe, but then given just as a regular gift) and having her arrive AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT to get them.

  • surprising Biakko on the final day with a plush cupcake (+7 cuteness)

To all the suiters and general furries that I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with, thank you for making this one of the best cons I've ever attended. Drama-free from my end, and not overly rushed or ruined in any way... it's going to be hard to top this one, but no matter what it was worth it.

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