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Attention please, attention please! This page is currently under construction! Mistakes will be made, dumb things will be done, and lots and lots of art shall be uploaded in the next month or so. Thank you all for your patience! Now, onto your regularly scheduled profile message:

A Blank Page is an Adventure That Hasn't Happened Yet.

Come Adventuring With Me.

Hehe, you know, once, one of my professors told me that if you’re an artist, art is like breathing --You have to do it whether you like it or not.

I disagree. If you’re an artist, art takes your breath away --You can’t wait to try things out, good ideas or not.

Art is a passion, a discipline, and a livelihood. I’ve scratched out my share of grunt-work. This or that for professors who wanted drippy paintings. But it’s these, my real pieces, that I find myself not illustrating with pencils or markers or paint. The soul, the spirit, is the greatest artistic tool anyone can ever own... and thankfully, we all have it, ‘Trained’ artists or not. Art itself is the unending adventure, and at the same time, it is also the means of recording the adventure

Thanks for being gentle with my work, my records… thank you for sharing my adventures with me. And thank you for encouraging me to keep having them.



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Assumption Meme

on 24 July 2014 at 19:35:39 MDT

I yoinked this from Sagekorppi!

Write an assumption you have about me in a comment below, and I'll tell you how accurate it is!

I'm more curious than anything else what people think about me (especially those who have never met me). Go ahead, go wild, even in-depth stuff like where I live or what my life is like. I'm really curious

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    Hey, just wanted to let you know I liked your stuff.

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    Hi, I haven't heard much from you. How are things?

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    Hi Nashoba, we meet, once again. Long time ago though. XD

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    Your welcome and your art is cool

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    You're here too! I'm glad as FA has stopped working for me. :(

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    you are welcome :J
    just nice to see your art over here as well

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    I think it's great that your here! :3
    Welcome, Nashoba!!

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      It's great to see you here; thank you <:D