The Dungeon Master by Eskiworks

The Dungeon Master


24 July 2015 at 13:26:06 MDT

Commission for Windrunner, depicting his lovely lady Biakko in her rightful place as Dungeon Master! This piece was really texture rich, the full file has a lot to it. I had a ton of fun with this theme, since my boyfriend and I love tabletop too! I think my favorite part to paint was the gold edging on the throne, that was just so much fun. But doing the fur detail on her cloak was a blast too.

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23 hours in PS6 with an Intuos 3 tablet

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    HEEEECK YEAAAH! So much awesome detail packed into here, this would make an AWESOME poster in a game room!

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    Yessss. My table would absolutely flip if I showed up to run a game looking like this. So awesome.

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    My word look at all the wonderful detailing. This is an awesome piece.

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    Rule 1: The Dungeon Master is always right. Objections will be dealt swiftly.

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    This is gorgeous eski <3 hahaha I can Reaaallly tell you had fun with this one. This also really makes me wish i had more friends who loved tabletop nearby <3

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    What a lovely outfit for the GM.

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    My gosh, look at all that wonderful detail in the throne!! Spectacular work, as always :D