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I'm in the Banjo-Partie Zine!

Hello there, everyone!

I had to drop in and share the fact that my artwork made it in the Banjo-Partie zine and it's now up for order!
This is my first time ever making it in a fanzine so I'm really excited that I'm in a publication of this caliber!

Plus hey, even if I wasn't in it, it's a really nice collection of Banjo-Kazooie art from a bunch of really good artists. =D

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    Your a really good artist and friend spoonface as well but asking if the two of you can create a collaboration with each other and make more art about McKraken and other stuffs as well but can you make a movie about McKraken Please

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    I am rather fond of the expressiveness you embroider your various characters and designs with.
    There is also, at the very least, a faint metamorphosis between the comedic nature of cartoons and the grotesque in your drawings, and this is something I adore very much.

    Delightful gallery you have here, to be eloquent.

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      I will admit, the idea that my drawings would have a level of the grotesque to them is not something I ever considered, but it is something I can kind of see now that you've pointed it out! I like cartoons a lot, but I also grew up on the gross-out era of cartoons like Ninja Turtles and Street Sharks and Swat Kats so I imagine that element is in my stuff because of that. Even if I don't go full on gore or gross.

      Thank you for the compliment!

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        Those are interesting cartoons to grow up with. Most certainly, I see their influence ooze over your style.
        And it was my pleasure. After all, your art charmed me in such a manner that you won me instantly as a follower, haha.

        What attracts you most to cartoons?