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Crash Nitro Kart - Nash by Turquoisephoenix

Crash Nitro Kart - Nash


15 October 2018 at 20:19:08 MDT

"Nash was engineered to always move. He never stops or even sleeps."

Fun fact: It took me the longest time to realize that Nash is meant to be a giant reference to Jabberjaw. I just thought he was talking that way because he's a gigantic nerd of a shark.
Also, it took me a long time to realize he might be an allusion to an Austin Powers joke.

See, I've played the other Crash racing games. It's not just Crash Tag Team Racing fanart in this gallery!

Crash Nitro Kart is a weird game in terms of how much people talk about it, in that it's the ignored middle child that is basically "Well it's just a Crash Team Racing remake" while people mainly talk about CTR and CTTR. The talk about CTR is a lot more...favorable than CTTR, but people at least talk about it. My opinion of CNK actually improved over the years once I realized that this was the game with the most alien characters and locations and probably the closest we'd get tonally to that Crash Evolution idea that later turned into Twinsanity, which didn't have nearly as many aliens as advertised.

Anyhoo, Nash! He's probably (okay, definitely) the best design of the four boss characters introduced in this game.

I like to think instead of him being an alien, he's actually from Earth. The aliens of Barin really wanted the perfect racing champion, so they harvested a shark from the oceans of Earth, genetically engineered/warped him until he had enough sentience and limbs to drive a car, and then strapped all sorts of cybernetic apparatuses to him so that he could both function on land and also eliminate the competition if he ever runs out of ammo and is trailing in second place.

The problem is, the many experiments, his cybernetic attachments that are basically keeping him alive in an alien world, and the fact that he is a shark with legs now have kinda made him have an unsportsmanlike attitude and is completely high-strung to the point of neurosis.

Barin's response to any complaints about Nash's comments on the tracks and whether it's cruel to keep this shark awake for so long is "Hey, our experiments WORKED, he's winning trophies!".

*While Barin inhabitants' sleep cycles are shorter than humanity's, Nash still ends up with a lot of downtime when everyone else is asleep. Usually he uses this time to practice his racing, but lately he's gotten into videogames. It's both amazing that he can somehow use a controller with fins and disheartening that he's eaten so many of them in a fit of rage.
*If you were to force Nash to sit in a chair, he would constantly bounce a leg. Putting him in a small room causes him to pace around. He's not good with waiting rooms.
*There's a common (usually tongue-in-cheek) debate amongst the N. Team on who is the crueler sin against nature; Nash or Willie. While Willie is some bizarre mix between man and plant, he doesn't have a machine hooked to his brain forcing him into an eternal wakening. However, Willie seems to be in a much fouler mood about his lot in life and Nash doesn't seem to mind too much that he's a neural mess.

I really hope this doesn't lead people to start asking for the other three. While the Spyro 1 villains were fun to draw, I don't have the time to start another art series.

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