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Crash - Pasadena and Pasadena O'Possum Again by Turquoisephoenix

Crash - Pasadena and Pasadena O'Possum Again


19 February 2018 at 21:00:41 MST

I swear, I do play other Crash games besides Crash Tag Team Racing. I just like this game a lot and never see art of it. Plus I've fallen in love with my snoutier version of Pasadena.

I like drawing Pasadena's goofy face in my sketchbook during work, so now you get more of her.
And a bonus Willie. Her proportions alongside Willie Wumpa Cheeks never fail to crack me up. It'd be kinda hard to pose the two of them together in a picture considering how large Willie's head is in comparison to her's. Talking fruit are scary.

As you might guess from my lack of activity, I'm a bit strapped for free time since I'm both working long hours at work (in fact, one of the reasons I like this game is because I work at a theme park) and getting ready to move into my first house. So these pictures were colored a bit more quickly than my recent pieces. I might come back to these and tighten them up, but it was kinda fun seeing how fast I can draw these Pasadenas.

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