Howdy, I'm Vix! I am a mix of an Iberian Wolf and a Bengal Tiger... a Tigerwolf! More about me? Oh well, um... I'm a girl, I like pretty much every animal ever, and I enjoy arting furry stuffs... but I'm nothing fantastic. I prefer not to get critiques as I tend to take them badly, but feel free to compliment or even commission me.

I am currently in a construction paper phase, which I will be posting a bit of here. More of my work can be found on FA:

I also have an inkbunny account:

I'm not sure where I'll be setting my roots firmly, but wanted to grab a spot here while I was thinking about it. Helps me follow artists that left FA for whatever reasons, and may help get the word out that I make some pretty cute and unique badges.

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Interest in me opening?

on 1 October 2016 at 16:10:19 MDT

I have a sudden drive to come back to my art and try to save up some money! But i would need my own paypal, and i am not super excited to do that if i wont even end up using it. And it HAS been quite a while since i opened for commissions so most of you watching me have likely forgotten i exist!

So basically i want a quick count of hands for who is actually willing to toss down money on me in exchange for my derpy little construction paper arts!

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Construction Paper badges

Chibi/Bean body
$ 9.00
Feral Design
$ 9.00
Pony Design
$ 9.00

My construction paper badges are cut out and glued by hand and with love. I use a master template for each design, but several parts are sketched and designed on an individual basis (such as hair and unique tails). The result is unique, somewhat 3 dimensional, and adorable.

The minimum price of $9 is just for the paper itself, no lamination, no name tagged on, no clip, no shipping. Basically catered to what most of my clients have been up to now; locals.

But bump it up to $12 and I laminate it with a name and a clip!

Then shipping is just $2 more to buy an envelope and stamps.


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    Oh hey!!! You're the sweetie that made those cutie-patootie paper dolls of me and Roy! Welcome to Weasyl!

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      yup yup! Still in that zone of "oh gawd everything is so new and hard... i'll post things later" and never getting anything posted. But some day I'll fight my way through learning how to use this place! (It took me two years to be comfortable with FA)

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        haha I hear ya! Weasyl is great though, I think you'll really enjoy it!

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    Thank you for the Fav ^_^

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    Good to see you; I sure do appreciate you following me here! Thank you very much!