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Welcome! I am Matrices: Dog-person extraordinaire. I enjoy drawing, building costumes, making props, and generally being crafty. I live on the North End of Whidbey Island, in Washington State. (Give me a shoutout if you're from the area!) I hope you enjoy my gallery. :3

Let me introduce you to a few of the characters I draw. The ones you'll likely see the most are Matrices (pronounced may-truh-seas), my fox/wolfdog character, and Malameux (pronounced mal-uh-mew), my boyfriend Malameux's blue malamute character. Matrices is my 'me' character, she represents me in my drawings.

I have two current costumes (fursuits). One that I have built myself, Beef Jerky, a dopey husky doggy! My oldest character (and now a new fursuit) is Mukilteo, a crazy orange-and-yellow dog creature, received from the talented MadeFurYou. Its possible you may see drawn pictures of these characters, but you'll also likely find pictures of the finished costumes.

I have a WAY cute Siberian Husky named Turbo that I adopted February 4th 2009. Pictures of him may show up in my gallery, too. I have trained him SO many dog tricks, and he's a real Husky and knows how to pull.



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Telegram Chat: The WIP Zone

I made a Telegram chat room for those who like to share their WIPs for sewing/making/furry crafts/fursuit work and stay inspired. Sometimes the best thing to get motivated is other crafty and creative people also working on their cool things!

For the most part this chat is focused on fursuit/furry crafts but other projects are welcome too. Professional makers & hobbyists are both welcome!

Invite link:

Please keep it SFW (since for a lot of us this IS our work!)
Please stay relatively on-topic
Feel free to join/leave or invite other crafty friends at any time :D

Edit: We're up to around 800+ members now and lots of activity!

Some tips I have to offer :D
After you join there will be a "shared media" portion of the community profile showing media that was shown during your time in the chat, you can easily look back on WIP pics, Ref images, and other images that were posted during your time watching the group, as well as "shared links" which may have some good links to supplies or guides, for example!
You can also search for messages, those in the group who have posted WIP pics in the past don't mind their projects being brought up again even if posted a bit ago, be sure to ping them use @username that way if they have the chat muted it will be able to alert them of your compliment/comment/etc. And long-press or right click > reply so it shows the context of your mention.
If you mute the chat notifications, that's totally understandable! If you want the chat notification number to not show in your taskbar, navigate to your telegram profile and uncheck "include muted chats in unread count" its totally fine to drop in whenever, there's makers from US and Europe so far, so there is activity throughout the day :D

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$ 45.00

Do you need a distinctive, fun, cartoony badge? I love working with all kinds of characters, I can even draw your pets!

My badges are $45 usd per character. If you want more of your character showing (i.e. waist up, tails, arms with props, etc) we can discuss it, it may be an additional cost depending on the amount requested, let me know your idea and I can give you a tailored price estimate.

Size-wise the images are about the dimensions of 4 x 5 inches, cut around the character, I also tend to draw large but dimensions depends on the pose. They are professionally completed for you using a variety of media (ink, markers, colored pencil, glitter accents) on on cardstock paper, laminated, and slot punched.

If you have a particular deadline, let me know! Mailing will be first class-type of mailing within the United States for free. If you are outside the US mailing cost is only $1. Email at for a badge!

See my Trello for my commission queue, it may better indicate my availability for commissions:



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    Oh hey, you're still around. Your tutorials are still kind of helpful, even after all these years. Are you planning on an update series?

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    Aww! You're still using the icon I made for you! ;w; <3

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      It's so cool I love it!! breathes on everyone

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        Hehe, I'm really glad you like it! <3

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    op op op
    oppa [no]

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    oh I'm pleased to see you here as well c:

    I really have to thank you for all the tutorials you post. Your's were the first I found and I'm so thankful for you sharing such useful advice <3

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    Awesome! Matrices!