You Smell Nice Today -Lisa Frank style Werewolf by Nashoba Hostina

You Smell Nice Today -Lisa Frank style Werewolf

Nashoba Hostina

2 August 2014 at 16:51:19 MDT

Guys, I swear I had good intentions starting out.

I was thinking “Man, you know what we need? We need motivational werewolves. Because really, people area awesome, and don’t know it, and no one would argue with a werewolf trying to motivate you.”

Then I realized “And if a werewolf was dishing out compliments, It would comment on how nice you smelled!” And this was a good idea. I plan on redoing this sometime along with some companion pieces. It’s not the best, but good.

But then everything went wrong when I started drawing, and then, I had the horrible, awful, abysmal thought: “And I could draw it sort of in the style of Lisa Frank. The art of my childhood. Yesssssssssss.”

And… and I did this.

This happened.

I’m sorry.

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    Another one could be: "Remember, kids! Brush your teeth!"

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      Perfect. I'me temped to commission that. LOL

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    This needed to be done, I now know what was missing in my life :I

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    Love it.

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    Eat your veggies kid. You'll grow up big and strong like werewolf. Wait a min what am i saying..? I'm a carnivore.

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    I'm not lying when I say I would buy a set of these posters.