Fursuit Spray Recipe! by Matrices

Fursuit Spray Recipe!


23 January 2014 at 18:17:06 MST

This is a recipe for home made fursuit spray for disinfecting with a nice scent.

Use it as you would any other disinfecting type spray and enjoy the benefits of a scent of your choice! Be sure to get a fragrance oil that is "skin safe"

Don't add more drops of fragrance oil without first testing your combined solution on a towel or fur scrap to see if you like the scent strength, too many drops can get strong fast. If using a tiny bottle start with few drops only. And if your suit has airbrushing take normal precautions (spraying on the inside yanno?)

Please be aware I come from a background of well over a decade of experience with washing and taking care of costume items, this isn't a replacement for washing your costume after you get home from your event. Tips for washing can be found here: http://matrices.net/washing.asp

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    I sincerely would like to thank you for uploading this :) I'm a furry trying to get out there ((14 and young!! xDD)) and I am planning to soon make a partial of my fursona :) this will help a lot! So thank you!! <33

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    I'm going to have to give this a try with the scent added in one day!(Once I can find one I'm not sensitive to. Darn allergies!) I've used a similar mixture of Alcohol and water in my heads for years, and it is SO MUCH BETTER than the commercial sprays we all used to use. <3

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    What scented oils are safe to use? Specifically vanilla scents, since there are no essential oils for it? Would soap/candle fragrance work?

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    I got a fragrance oil that says "it may irritate skin and eyes" what do I do?

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      Sorry for the late reply. Definitely find one that is labeled as skin safe or for use in soap or lotions. Some still have an eye irritant warning, however. If you still wish to use it, use it very sparingly.

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    I bought essential oil that can irritate the skin and I was wondering if you can substitute food (vanilla, lemon, etc.) extract for the essential oil

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    I use lemongrass for mine. There's someone who comes to the local markets from whom I can get oil in 30ml bottles for a song. I was concerned that using 2-propanol was too intensive, but it's not similar to isopropyl at all - it's exactly the same!