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Sorry I don't check Weaysl often, if you'd like to purchase somthing please check out our Etsy page!
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Lik's Creations is my endeavor to bring the beauty of simple & complex chainmaille jewelry to you!

Artisan Chainmaille Jewelry.
Made Ring by Ring in Oklahoma!
I take custom orders as well!

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Need help, Commissions Open!

on 21 May 2014 at 19:52:04 MDT

Got home about 30-40 minutes ago, from the Dental Surgeon Consultant...
The total, without Insurance is going to run me $2732.00... My Jaw nearly hit the floor. Granted, this is for 4 Wisdom Teeth and 2 Uppers. Six teeth all together.
The break up of the treatment plan charges are:
D9220 Deep Sedation 1st 30 minutes: $382.00
D9221 Deep Sedation Add'L 15 min: $166.00
D7140 Extraction on one upper tooth: $138.00
D7140 Extraction of the second upper tooth: $138.00
D7240 Complete Bony Extraction: $477.00
D7240 Complete Bony Extraction: $477.00
D7240 Complete Bony Extraction: $477.00
D7240 Complete Bony Extraction: $477.00

That's how it's printed out on my Paper they gave me. For a total of... $2732.00

I will be contacted next week by the insurance company to find out if they will be helping with this or not. I got onto the United Concordia website... and I couldn't find those codes listed on my benefits... I'm afraid they won't help :S

Wish me luck everyone, I may need it! lol

It's a waiting game until I know more information...

I don't want to sound like I'm begging, but if you could share this, and let people know, I've got a GoFundMe for Donations (with chainmaille rewards given in return) or that I have Free Shipping USA Domestic on all Etsy Orders... Any way I can raise this money I am trying it..

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