Hello! I'm primarily a graphic novelist and crafter.

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on 17 October 2018 at 19:52:54 MDT

I am very easily distracted and since I have a teenaged daughter in high school and two puppies, I will vanish on occasion, but I'm doing better about coming back.  :D  This time, my browser crashed and took one of my ways of reminding myself to check in away. :D  Reset my browsers so a window to each archive is always open to reply to comments and such!  Oh.. and it's cold so I'm snuggling on the couch and working from there. :D
- Tiff

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1 Hour Digital Stream

1 Hour Digital Stream
$ 30.00

Currently, I am NOT open for commissions - please do not ask.
One hour to have me sketch a bunch of stuff in Manga Studio 5EX in a live stream on Tigerdile. You're free to challenge me to see how fast I can work. This also can be used to portion out larger pieces over time.

One hour is enough time to sketch, ink, and flat color most single figures, without background. Please message me here or via email listed on my Tigerdile. This saves valuable stream time!


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    Woah, I've totally forgot you were making these comics! I LOVED them! I'ma catch up right now!

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    It's you! :D [This is AndrewNeo from uh.. forever ago]

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    My stars, thank you so much for following me here; I sure do appreciate it!

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    Thank you for following! :)

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    Thanks for following!

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    Hello there! Thank you for watching my gallery!

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    Hey! It's been forever! :D

    Y'know, I still have that email you sent me a few years back suggesting an ad swap in our comics... o_o For what it's worth, I have not forgotten about it! I've just been EXCESSIVELY SLOW in getting through my third issue, cuz I keep trying to rework the pacing. >__< When I get the story finished, if you're still up for that ad swap, I would totally be up for it if you are. :)

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      Good grief, how long ago WAS that?!