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Artist from Germany, designer (web / print), fursuiter

Married to Nightfox



Latest Journal

What kept me busy

on 6 April 2016 at 09:59:27 MDT

Sorry for the long break and not uploading much art. I have been learning a lot for my private pilot's license the last weeks/months (just had my theory test today), which kept me very busy, along with the preparations for Furnal Equinox last month.

We had an amazing time at Furnal Equinox. :) The convention and all the staff were so kind, thank you for your hard work and for making it such a great time for us! It was a joy to meet so many good old friends and new faces. Thanks again everybody for the nice words and for your interest in my art. :) We also had the chance to travel around in Canada for some days before the con (Niagara Falls, Toronto), which was a really nice trip with a lot of good food and beer.

The next convention we will attend is AnthroCon and Eurofurence 22.
I will now do my best to catch up with artwork. :)

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    Thank you for being an incredible artist and one of the biggest inspirations in my life. :)

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    rolls around you ^^

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    Waaaaaah thanks for the watch! I'm flattered! <3

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    Glad to see you updating here!

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    Ermegerd Tani! You're here, too?!?!?! Insta-follow, I have been stalking you from DeviantART!!

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    Ein weiteres bekanntes Gesicht. Willkommen hier drüben! :)

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    Hi! :D Unfortunately we won't be at FWA, but at Confuzzled, AnthroCon, Megaplex and Eurofurence dies X)

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    hello Tani ^^