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TaniDaReal / Female / Germany

Commissions: Closed
Trades: Sometimes
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New design: Musky Husky

Here is my first design 2022 – a happy Musky Husky! :] Not to be mistaken for his counterpart, the Masky Husky, being a good boy and wearing a mask. You can find the new husky design on my RedBubble and SpreadShirt accounts:

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Telegram News Channel

If you're using the messenger Telegram, I have created a News Channel about my art. While on my Mailing List ( I only post updates about commissions and conventions, in the Telegram channel I will post finished pictures, WIPs, sketches, sneak previews, updates and whatev…

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Conventions and updates 2018

Better late than never...! Hey all, and sorry for the very long time not posting anything here! I haven't been lazy over all the years, so I will catch up uploading artwork here again. Conventions for 2018 have been / will be: • Anthrocon 2018 • Eurofurence 24 • Furry Migration (GOH) 2018 You can f…

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What kept me busy

Sorry for the long break and not uploading much art. I have been learning a lot for my private pilot's license the last weeks/months (just had my theory test today), which kept me very busy, along with the preparations for Furnal Equinox last month. We had an amazing time at Furnal Equinox. :) The…

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Conventions 2015

First preparations and plans for the upcoming convention 2015 are already in progress. Here is a list of cons we will attend this year. :) • Furry Weekend Holland (March) • Confuzzled (May) • AnthroCon (July) • Eurofurence 21 (August) There are so many more cons we would like to attend - or attend…

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Conventions this year

Heyas! :) This year is gonna be a very busy year. We just got back from Confuzzled, which was really great! Thank you all for stopping by, it was great to meet so many new nice people. :) People keep telling it's only 11 weeks left until Eurofurence... and we have 2 more cons before that! X) So thi…

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Bless and curse of letting artists crop their own thumbnails

The bless and curse of letting artists crop their own thumbnails / image previews in a gallery. Good: It can be nice for choosing an appealing part of your art (and crop off empty areas for example), to make (small) parts of your art easier visible in the little thumbnails, or to hide adult parts o…

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So, I got a weasel in the face - thank you very much to Neo. :3 Welcome everbody! Feel free to add me here. :) So far the site looks nice and offering some nice options for artists. As it would take ages to upload all my artwork, I will be uploading some selected works over the next weeks. However,…