T-Rex [Repost] by Rotarr

T-Rex [Repost]


28 January 2014 at 00:44:55 MST

This piece was done for a contest https://www.weasyl.com/submission/185982/breaking-in-a-new-dimension And the glass was just added because of the 3D theme, but i actually like it better without it. (Btw. I didn't won, but that's ok)
I didn't upload lots of old Art from my FA (But i will maybe make an "Old Art" Folder and turn the notifications off to upload it all to Weasyl too)

I'm uploading this now because it's a really important piece for me and i just FORGOT to put the better version up here! (Yeah, I'm dump)
It's one of my favorite works and to me it feels like i can't repeat what i did here, but I will continue to try!

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    Shame you didn't win but at least a cool piece came out of it =D

    I think the T-rex is one of the most bad ass extinct animals of all time and you did it justice =D
    Great job!

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      Yeah...in the end a sculpture won. A picture can't really beat a sculpture when it comes to these things ^^; But as I said, it's ok. I'm glad I painted that picture anyway, also because...T-Rex is always cool.

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        Yeah those are indeed tough to beat, especially when they are highly detailed...

        Still, as long as you had fun working on this, it's all that matters in the end ;)

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    Ooooh, very lovely!

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    I love how the scales around the eyes came out as well has the teeth~
    Very nice artwork. The T-rex is so under appreciated ♥

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    So detailed, omg~

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    Roarin' his way into your room.