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Leona M. @ DragonFire Arts / 32 / Female / Brunswick, Maine

Art is like telling a story with your emotions. If you can get yourself lost in the image's emotions and tale, chances are your peers will experience the same.
Commissions: Filled
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed


(copy/paste placeholder text until proper info comes along ^_^;)

I'm pretty easy to approach so don't be afraid to ask questions about stuff!

Aside from digital art I do traditional works (not as prevalent as it used to be), real medias like dreamcatchers, jewelry and sculptures, and 3D works like Avatars on SecondLife.

Curious in commissioning me? Take a gander through my commission list (once it's updated) and keep an eye out for any notices of batch commissions!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please please PLEASE don't ask me to remind you specifically when I open commissions! I always will post journals and my commission sheet will have all the info you need. If you absolutely need a commission from me for a special reason we might be able to figure something out, otherwise please wait with everyone else! Thanks!

About who I am for hobbies I enjoy leisurely reading engaging books, kayaking, skiing (not cross country), snowshoe hiking up mountains and across frozen lakes, scuba diving (open water), swimming, camping out, stargazing on a clear night over the water, studying animals in their natural habitat, 'torturing' my two sugar gliders on weekly trips to visit with customers at my job (they really actually enjoy it as much as I do), testing out new avenues of art to expand my repertoire.. the list could go on.


Fur Affinity
Taesolieroy - tell me who you are and where first!!

Latest Journal

Opening Emergency Commissions for Headshots/Busts

So, with that post dump taken care of, I'm opening commissions for headshots, busts, and a perhaps a couple full pieces for those who want a bit more.

Part of my emergency is that my last paycheck did not go through to the bank because I had to quickly close and open a new bank account, and the system for changing my direct deposit wouldn't let me online in time. They'll be sending me a check, but it could be 7-10 days before I see it, and I need to get food, cover first part of rent, my half of the cable/electric bill, and car pay pretty asap XP Basically down to munching on dollar store food to stretch what I have left T_T I'm just really really glad that I'm now literally 5 min away from work, so I'm ok on gas for a while.

I will be starting work on the three eye avatars requested from my test slot journal now the big pieces are out of the way.

For those who prefer samples I'll be working on those shortly. I'll keep this slot-free until the queue gets to a point where I need to temporarily close commissions.

If you would rather commission a full illustrated piece, shoot me a note and we can discuss prices!

-From the neck up-

-Cleaned sketch- $10
-Inked- $20
-Flat- $25
-Shaded- $30

-From upper torso, can be extended to waist up-

-Cleaned sketch- $15
-Inked- $25
-Flat- $35
-Shaded- $40


-- Marker-
--Pencil- +$10
--Badge (headshots only)- +$15 (covers shipping + sealing)

Headshots will be posted in batches of 6-8 pieces in one image, busts will be done individually.

What I can do- fantasy creatures, real world species, original species, mythological, prehistoric creatures, Fan Characters (tentative inclusion here) - basically anything creature, anthros included

What I can't do- Copycat characters, human-faced characters (demi human I can attempt)

I take Paypal only in $USD
-Payment is preferred upfront or by first sketch

Order Form -

Commission Type- (Headshot/Bust)
-Tier- (Sketch/Inked/Flat/Shaded)
Theme- (Steampunk/Raver/Sci-Fi/Wild West/Cultural/Elements/ETC!)

View This Journal and 0 Comments


-All Extras-

add  Additional Characters (+$8 per after first)
from $ 10.00
to $ 15.00
add  Backgrounds
from $ 20.00
to $ 30.00
add  Basic Background (gradient or simple texture)
from $ 0.00
to $ 5.00
add  Character Complexity
from $ 5.00
to $ 15.00
add  OOC Zone (Out of Comfort- adult/fetish)
from $ 10.00
to $ 20.00


Dream Catchers
from $ 25.00
to $ 40.00
Feather-bead Earrings
from $ 18.00
to $ 25.00
$ 0.00

-Digital Avatars-

Illustrated - flat
$ 0.00
Illustrated - shaded
$ 0.00
$ 0.00
Themed - Illustrated
$ 0.00
Themed - Pixel
$ 0.00

-Digital Badges-

Flat Color
$ 0.00
Full Color
$ 0.00

-Digital Busts-

$ 20.00
Non-Shaded (flat color)
$ 25.00
Shaded (full color)
$ 30.00

-Digital Illustrations-

$ 30.00
Non-Shaded (flat color)
$ 35.00
Shaded (full color)
$ 40.00

-Digital Ref Sheets-

Advanced - up to eight additional elements from basic
$ 65.00
Basic - four elements (profile, size, wings, colors)
$ 45.00
Moderate - Up to four additional elements
$ 55.00
Professional - themed w/ shaded parts (+8 from basic)
$ 75.00

-Traditional Badges-

Flat Color
$ 0.00
Full Color
$ 0.00

-Traditional Bust-

$ 0.00
Non-Shaded (flat color)
$ 0.00
Shaded (full color)
$ 0.00

-Traditional Illustration-

$ 0.00
Non-Shaded (flat color)
$ 0.00
Shaded (full color)
$ 0.00
Sketch Page
$ 0.00

No background defaults at basic gradient background for no additional cost.

All prices otherwise marked as $0 are yet to be determined

TOS is TBA in the near future!



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