A traveler who has devoted himself to the discovery of new things and the pursuit of fun at nearly any cost. As a result of this he is rarely content to stay in one place. Ever on the lookout for new adventures or opportunities, Terinas is a creature of some whimsy. He's tried his hand at swordplay, robbery, sorcery, unstable theoretical cheesecrafting, and even flower arranging (don't laugh) when he's had the chance. In the places he's been he's been called "infamous", "adorable", "a stripey whirlwind", and in one specific town "That... DAMN... CAT!" But for now, he's settled on writing dirty stories to entertain himself.

Howdy! Welcome to the Weasyl wing of all the commissioned art and stories paid for by me, as well as my (ever-growing) collection of furry stories! Everything is here: The deep and the mature, as well as the shallow and the kinky, and any thing in between those poles. Fair warning, I'm an unapologetic diaperfur, a hypnosis fanboy, keeper of a thousand and one fetishes (some of which i'm more comfortable admitting than others), a tiger who fancies himself a trickster, and in general a ridiculous flirt. Look around! really hope you find something here that strikes your fancy! If you do, feel encouraged to leave a comment, or to contact me via PM. I love meeting new people and l love exchanging ideas and hearing criticism. This page won't be as fleshed out as my Furaffinity page, but I'll have my stories up here, you can bet on that!

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Continued Haitus Update

on 27 April 2019 at 13:39:17 MDT

Still nothing new uploaded, you know? 

I'm a bit sad, but in fairness, I'm teaching myself a whole new skill here in doing Security+ Certification. There's so much for me to learn, and I've set for myself an aggressive learning structure. I need to get at least 2 chapters a week done, 3 ideally, so I can spend my last 2 weeks before the cut-off point of my certification exam to review. Everything else in my life (with the exception of my boyfriend and my day job) has fallen by the wayside for this project; meaning that I haven't had time to write, much time to play video games, and I've had almost zero social life to juggle this with everything else. Right now if I were to vomit, I think most of it would be network security architecture rather than actual food. My apologies for the disgusting mental image.

That being said, there IS a light at the end of the tunnel: If I can keep to 3 chapters done, I'll be done with my coursebook by the start of June (maybe a bit later if other things require me to shift my focus a bit). And no matter what, I HAVE to take the certification exam before July 2nd, so one way or another before the 4th of July everything will be over. It may end in tears for me, but even then at least it'd be over. Expect me to start uploading things semi-reliably again sometime in July.

I'll admit that I've missed writing. A lot. There may be a few mostly-finished projects (like a collab with someone awesome) that I upload before then, but for right now, my focus is on the exam. I also worry that any fanbase I may have will dwindle down to nothing because of no updates, but that's anxiety rather than any real legitimate concern. It's not like I've been trying to monetize this (though I've considered and will continue to consider it in the future). Mostly, I just remember how much it makes my day when people read my stuff and comment on it, or tell me they recognise me from my writing when we meet in a chatroom or something, and I miss that. It's become rarer these days.

That being said, what's the status of some of my creative projects right now?

- Courtship: One update is already written, sitting on it until I've got about 3 or so built up as a buffer again. I want to turn this back into an episodic thing until I've got the whole story finished.
- Mad Mansion of Dr. Moreau: Argle Bargle. T.T I'll admit I feel bad keeping so many people waiting. But that being said, when I said everything's fallen by the wayside up above, I mean EVERYTHING. I haven't had time to run Moreau in recent months, and even before that running the same story over and over again began getting a bit tedious after a while. I'm not cancelling it just yet, but... it's safe to say this is a low priority to me until after my Exam is done. I've got artwork I need to upload for it tho.
Other Projects: Pretty much everything else is back burnered entirely until July. More neat stuff is coming, but it's gonna be a while.

Thank you for your patience. As always, thank you for liking my stuff!

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