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A traveler who has devoted himself to the discovery of new things and the pursuit of fun at nearly any cost. As a result of this he is rarely content to stay in one place. Ever on the lookout for new adventures or opportunities, Terinas is a creature of some whimsy. He's tried his hand at swordplay, robbery, sorcery, unstable theoretical cheesecrafting, and even flower arranging (don't laugh) when he's had the chance. In the places he's been he's been called "infamous", "adorable", "a stripey whirlwind", and in one specific town "That... DAMN... CAT!" But for now, he's settled on writing dirty stories to entertain himself.

Howdy! Welcome to the Weasyl wing of all the commissioned art and stories paid for by me, as well as my (ever-growing) collection of furry stories! Everything is here: The deep and the mature, as well as the shallow and the kinky, and any thing in between those poles. Fair warning, I'm an unapologetic diaperfur, a hypnosis fanboy, keeper of a thousand and one fetishes (some of which i'm more comfortable admitting than others), a tiger who fancies himself a trickster, and in general a ridiculous flirt. Look around! really hope you find something here that strikes your fancy! If you do, feel encouraged to leave a comment, or to contact me via PM. I love meeting new people and l love exchanging ideas and hearing criticism. This page won't be as fleshed out as my Furaffinity page, but I'll have my stories up here, you can bet on that!

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Signal Boost: Puppy Treats and a new writer

on 27 March 2021 at 06:02:31 MDT

Hey there, how there, ho there, readers!

I'm writing because a friend of mine has recently written a story on FA, and is kind of taking baby steps towards maybe possibly writing more. Dipping a footpaw in the water to see if they like the temperature. I was given permission to mention this publically, since they've started working on a few commissions to see if they like doing them, and might open up in the future to do more.

This person in particular, listed as Diaperbold on Furaffinity, has been a friend of mine for years. I can and will vouch for them, saying that the quality of their writing is very high and if you're into kinky stuff and/or enjoy ABDL things, you'll probably find something you can enjoy in their corner of the net.

Also give their current story, Puppy Treats, a read if you're even remotely a fan of creative, heartwarming ABDL fiction. It's a sweet, fun, kinky story involving a puppy and his mommy.

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