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A traveler who has devoted himself to the discovery of new things and the pursuit of fun at nearly any cost. As a result of this he is rarely content to stay in one place. Ever on the lookout for new adventures or opportunities, Terinas is a creature of some whimsy. He's tried his hand at swordplay, robbery, sorcery, unstable theoretical cheesecrafting, and even flower arranging (don't laugh) when he's had the chance. In the places he's been he's been called "infamous", "adorable", "a stripey whirlwind", and in one specific town "That... DAMN... CAT!" But for now, he's settled on writing dirty stories to entertain himself.

Howdy! Welcome to the Weasyl wing of all the commissioned art and stories paid for by me, as well as my (ever-growing) collection of furry stories! Everything is here: The deep and the mature, as well as the shallow and the kinky, and any thing in between those poles. Fair warning, I'm an unapologetic diaperfur, a hypnosis fanboy, keeper of a thousand and one fetishes (some of which i'm more comfortable admitting than others), a tiger who fancies himself a trickster, and in general a ridiculous flirt. Look around! really hope you find something here that strikes your fancy! If you do, feel encouraged to leave a comment, or to contact me via PM. I love meeting new people and l love exchanging ideas and hearing criticism. This page won't be as fleshed out as my Furaffinity page, but I'll have my stories up here, you can bet on that!

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Stocking Stuffer 2022 Announcement!

It's time again! Time to announce my yearly December update-a-palooza event, Stocking Stuffer!

I'm here today to announce the coming of Stocking Stuffer 2022! What are the details of this event, you may ask? Please see below to educate yourself!

What is Stocking Stuffer 2022?

Basically, because I love the Christmas season so much, I like to give a gift to the furry community every year. This "Gift" is a rapid-fire uploading of stories, art, and whatever else I have to offer during the week that Christmas falls upon. Basically, anyone who follows my online presences get a gift of new content.

Ok, so why are you making an announcement about it? Why not just do it?

Because I am trying to make this a yearly tradition among furry circles, similar to "Hypnobear Week" or "Skunktember" or whatnot. And to do that, I need YOUR help! Join me in uploading things the week of December 25th through the 31st! Spread the word about Stocking Stuffer 2022! Help the tradition grow! I'm announcing it here and now so that people have time to plan and write things for it, and so they can have stuff ready to upload by the time window.

Ok, so what are the rules of Stocking Stuffer 2022?

The rules are pretty simple:

First off, you can upload stories and works alongside me between December 25th to December 31st onto a website of Furry Community such as Furaffinity, Inkbunny, Sofurry, Weasyl, or another website that is publicly accessible to anyone without a paywall in front of it.

When you upload, in the tags for your submission piece, include a tag for "StockingStuffer2022", so that anyone searching by that designation can find it easily. Like the tag to this journal! This is important so it can be easily searched for. Then, PM me a link to your submission. I will add it to a Master List, updated daily on that week, updated daily. I MUST be notified of the work or else I cannot add it to the Master List! There's no overall theme for submissions, so you can pretty much submit whatever tickles your fancy.

Second offplease mention Stocking Stuffer 2022 in the description text for your upload, and link back to this journal to help spread the word and build awareness of the event. This is very much appreciated, because it helps people learn what else there is in the Stocking Stuffer, and helps cross-pollinate our audience bases with each other. Also mention if the upload falls on the "Naughty" or "Nice" list. "Naughty" uploads are stories that typically tend to involve darker themes; dubious-consent and forced kinky stuff and bondage and whatnot. The general rule with a Naughty story is that someone needs to not be enjoying it, at least at first. "Nice" uploads, meanwhile, are generally going to be more happy and uplifting, where if it's a story it usually has a happy ending or for the most part people end up better than they started. There's a fair bit of gray area between the two.

As for how "Naughty" and "Nice" work for Art... well, if any artists participate I'll let you be the judge of your own work. <3

As always, I'll be leading the charge on this, with at least 3 to 5 new written submissions to join in with of varying lengths.

So what do I get out of it?

Aside from the aforementioned "cross-pollination" of our audiences, letting us share who views our work? Or the warm feeling you may get for bringing something new and wonderful into the world for all to see?

I will personally be your hype man. Each person who uploads something gets me to plug your story, your online furry presence, and you as a person. When you participate I will say nice things about you, encourage people to check out the rest of what you've got online, and in general just tell everyone how great you are. I will plug you and if that gets more people your way, then I will feel happy that I helped. If you've got a Patreon or a Kofi or whatever let me know and I'll even be so kind as to mention and link to it on the Master List on the day you upload, hopefully getting you new customers.

I don't want to write, or I don't want anyone to see what I write because I'm shy. Are there other ways to participate?


The other way you can participate, and believe me this one is SO MUCH appreciated, is to spread the word! Let everyone know the event is happening! Tell people about it on twitter and link them back to this article so they know how and when to participate! Sing it from the rooftops! The only way this will grow is if other people help me do it. Because I'm going to be doing Stocking Stuffer 2020 no matter what, but I'm only one tiger.

Please help me continue to do this weird love letter to the furry community. I like it here and want to see it grow more wonderful every day.

Is there anything else we need to know?

Not really. Feel free to ask questions in the comments below, though! Enjoy the holiday season!

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