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Howdy! Welcome to the Weasyl wing of all the commissioned art and stories paid for by me, as well as my (ever-growing) collection of furry stories! Everything is here: The deep and the mature, as well as the shallow and the kinky, and any thing in between those poles. Fair warning, I'm an unapologetic diaperfur, a hypnosis fanboy, keeper of a thousand and one fetishes (some of which i'm more comfortable admitting than others), a tiger who fancies himself a trickster, and in general a ridiculous flirt. Look around! really hope you find something here that strikes your fancy! If you do, feel encouraged to leave a comment, or to contact me via PM. I love meeting new people and l love exchanging ideas and hearing criticism. This page won't be as fleshed out as my Furaffinity page, but I'll have my stories up here, you can bet on that!

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Moreau Updates and Future Endeavors

on 20 November 2017 at 08:29:51 MST

First off, let’s talk “The Mad Mansion of Dr. Moreau” for a moment.

Puts on the official Moreau referee hat, vest, and whistle

Two players have not responded back that they are still interested and their sessions have been eliminated from the running.

This is largely my fault, since I took so dang long to get to them, and hopefully I can address that better in Wave 2, but OH WELL MOVING ON.

Three players are still active in Wave 1: One of which is midway through their session, and two more which have not formally started theirs. I will be working to get these sessions all resolved, categorized, and uploaded ideally before the end of the year.

Which will mean that, formally...

Signups for “The Mad Mansion of Dr. Moreau” Wave 2 will formally begin sometime during January. This will happen whether or not Wave 1 has been concluded, but I honestly expect Wave 1 will have been concluded by now

I’ve gotten a LOT of people expressing interest in doing Moreau since Wave 1 started. And I mean a LOT of interest. Like “I could easily stop uploading anything else to furry websites and just do ONLY Moreau and I don’t think I’d ever have a good stopping point” level of interest. I expected that once Wave 1 was underway i’d find other people who were interested, but I didn’t expect THIS level of enthusiasm for the project. I’m actually a bit overwhelmed by it. ><!

With that in mind, signup for Wave 2 will be a BIT more elaborate than just declaring interest. I don’t want to be exclusive, and I never want to deny ANYONE the opportunity to be a part of this, but if I don’t set up SOME cost of entry or something I, being only one tiger, could easily be overwhelmed. So there’ll be some hoops to jump through to join in on Wave 2. However, these hoops won’t be anything designed to exclude anyone... if you’ve got interest in the project and enthusiasm, you should do fine.

That being said: Wave 2 will be the last Wave of The Mad Mansion of Dr. Moreau.

Ducks a tomato being thrown at him

Hey hey hey! Let me clarify first! Let me clarify first! For starters, I’ll be letting more people sign up than I did last time. So compared to Wave 1, Wave 2 will be a TIDAL WAVE. Also, this won’t mean I won’t run Moreau for other people even once Wave 2 is done. It just means that I will stop uploading logs of the session to the internet. The project was never meant to go on forever, and my main concern now is to showcase all the 20ish characters I created for it, as well as having fun kinky times with various people. I expect with Wave 2 I’ll be able to go into more detail about other characters in the story and expand the range of kinks and things involved, and once I’ve got a wide enough range, I can retire the formal trappings of this project.

Even once “The Mad Mansion of Dr. Moreau” concludes, I’ll still be willing to run it for people who track me down and ask. Heck, it may actually be EASIER to get your own session, since I won’t be worried about uploading it or having to fuss about other people waiting in line. It’ll just be another old RP at that point.

I will also be holding a Q&A session about “The Mad Mansion of Dr. Moreau” at the end of the project explaining anything people are curious about... if anyone cares. :)


I will be revamping The Mad Mansion of Dr. Moreau’s Flist page to include a Hall of Fame (For good ends), a Hall of Shame (For Bad Ends), links to the uploaded project entries in order, and a proper FAQ explaining more of the deal sometime between Wave 1 and Wave 2.

So for those still interested in Moreau, thank you for your time.

Oh, and another Moreau Log will be uploaded tonight, God willing!

Now then, moving on for those who aren’t here for Moreau/Don’t Care About Moreau...

Thankfully, writing on other projects has finally resumed and hopefully will continue with minimal interruptions. I’m already working on a two-part story project that I hope will be a bit of a breath of fresh air around here. Something I haven’t written much of previously. I’m also continuing to work on a few other projects Cough Vixens Run Cough Cough Courtship Cough Cough COUGH ABDL stuff that hopefully will appease my longer-standing fans. Expect more updates on those as we draw closer to December... I kinda think I mgiht want to do another “Stocking Stuffer” update just like I did last year.

As always, thanks for reading!

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