Ugh... DOGS! (Courtship Art!) by TerinasTiger

Ugh... DOGS! (Courtship Art!)


25 December 2017 at 20:56:47 MST

I have been dating Kristoph for a few weeks now. He's strong, caring, kind... a simply WONDERFUL man. And for the most part, I have just one complaint.

I just cannot take him ANYWHERE!

Any time we go out and he sees another canine, sure as clockwork, they'll start barking at each other. Usually for absolutely NO discernible reason! I simply do not understand it. I've had to keep him on a short leash for our constitutionals to take less than two hours.

Internet help me, is there anyone out there with relationship advice? Anyone out there also dating a dog who can help me with this undesirable behavior? Seriously, I need opinions.

Oh, and my writer wants me to mention this is part of his silly little Stocking Stuffer 2017 holiday event, which you can find details about here:

Along with my request for help, I am enclosing this lovely artist's rendition of my beau picking a dumb fight with another gentleman of the canine persuasion was commissioned by Vorean and illustrated by ChocolateKitsune who are both lovely individuals who deserve your attention when you're not basking in my presence.

Seriously though, help a guy out. Anyone out there with tips on how to train your puppy?



(Was holding onto this until I updated Courtship and revealed that Teri was going on a date with Kristoph. Since the cat's out of the closet now, I can upload it! Yay!)

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