The Mad Mansion of Dr. Moreau: Game 1, Chapter 1 by TerinasTiger

The Mad Mansion of Dr. Moreau: Game 1, Chapter 1


9 May 2017 at 22:44:07 MDT

What follows is the first bit I transcribed from the only records of :icondeadly_dl:'s run through the Mad Mansion of Dr. Moreau, which I was able to recover from around the mansion itself at GREAT personal risk. I will be transcribing and uploading these as frequently as I can, to better warn people of the dangers of the mansion, and to let those who care about the explorer's final fate.

(The Mad Mansion of Dr. Moreau is best described as a 1-player cross between a kinky RP and a pen and paper game. The "Goal" is to discover exactly what happened in the strange mansion in the woods and get out with proof of what you found, before your mind and/or body is transformed beyond recognition by the forces within. Can our player find the truth, or will he get lost among the fetish-fueled denizens of the mansion and reach a bad end where he ends up as another one of them? Or worse? Read on to find out...

Sadly, in THIS SPECIFIC RP log none of the kinks listed in keywords come into play, but they will be coming soon! This RP was mostly just setup.

Player one's FA page can be found here:

I do apologize for the various bits of [REDACTED!] Information in this RP log. Some steps have been taken to avoid revealing too much to outside observers readers too early. There will be less data hidden in future RP logs, as we get deeper into the story. Assuming that we get into the story at all... Heh heh heh.)

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