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Tiger Tails Notes: Himboutique and Bimboutique by TerinasTiger

Tiger Tails Notes: Himboutique and Bimboutique


Posting this in part to test some of the new websites I'm setting up, as well as to have something there, and also to motivate myself to get off my rump and start writing again.

Here's developer's notes (Something I'm trying for my newer stories, as well as formal scripting and whatnot) for my pair of Mirrored stories, Himboutique and Bimboutique.

In them, you can see a general idea of what is supposed to happen, how it's supposed to work, what characters are included in each, and see what I included, what I left on the cutting room floor (including a few characters) and stuff that I had planned out for both stories.

I guess someone might find this interesting? If even one person likes it or feels it helps them with their own writing, I'd be happy to hear about it.

For those reading this off of FA, the stories themselves can be found on my FA page here: