Hello all! I enjoy both drawing and making sculptures of characters, it's more fun do that to unwind after a full day's work than watching the rubbish that permeates most of the cable I pay too much for per month, but there you are:) I also run to continue my pitiful attempt to stay in shape XD . Hmmm, my style wold be classified as traditional, western comic art I suppose, I love comics, and am a self-professed comic nerd. I also enjoy the design of good Manga/Anime, that which I am well selective about, but I've never been able to draw it, and being part Japanese doesn't seem to help.O_0

Please feel free to chat me up. I love any suggestions or criticisms, I take them as well constructive and I'm always trying to improve. Note/Disclaimer/Argh, fine print!: Although I am more than happy to show characters and couples(Straight/Gay/Bi) in tasteful adult/ erotic/ nude/ romantic/ intimate images, I DO NOT and WILL NOT draw porn/ PROnZ/etc. I don't have anything against it, but it's not my bag drawing it. I am fine with ANYTHING else. Cheers! Any hey, don't feel shy or "Um, I don't think my comment s are worth noting", or any of that nonsense, it's an art sharing site, and don't take yourselves so seriously, I don't take Myself seriously. XD

And I'll bring this up just in case, please do not use any of my chars in ANY for without my express permission first. Kay? Thanks! XD If you do I'll find you, in fact, I'm watching you right now...@_@

My dear boyfriend, a truly great artist and storyteller. Go check out his page and fave fave fave! And give feedback !! dusk , <3

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Just Gettin Started....

on 3 December 2012 at 22:47:16 MST

Getting a lot of my work uploaded. Sorry for the craptastical banner, it's just a placeholder for now XD

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    Beautiful work!! <3

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    lol i found you

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    My pleasure, sir.

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    Hey there! Started pokin around on here and found ya along the way. How ya been and how is it here? Good to see ya, ill be watching. :)