Hey there, I'm Bast, thanks for checking out my page.

One quick thing before ya get to know me
Please do not use my character in any way, art, story, music, etc.
Without my express written permission
Not trying to be rude.
Some unpermissioned stuff came up in 2016
It was NOT approved by me
It was inappropriate, and out of character
So now I am just being extra cautious.

I chose the name Bast because I liked the name Bastian
sorry no relation to egyption deity.
I live in lower Michigan, I am in and around the metro Detroit area a lot.
I'm a straight guy, pretty friendly,
art watcher, coffee lover
Really like sushi, and stir fry
Not into RP stuffs
I keep strange work hours- Doubles and swing shifts mostly
So I disappear a lot when work gets busy
I like a bunch of music- most recently discovered electro swing, liking that a lot.
I love playing games with friends, or most anyone.
Card games, shooters, tower defense, board games, puzzle games, pinball, putt putt golf,
and even bowling.
I draw occassionally, but just for fun, nothing I want to show.
I enjoy getting commissions, wish I could draw and paint like the ppl I commission
I prefer sfw/clean art, everyone is free to like what they want, that's just what I prefer.
Meeting and chatting with people is great -
age, sex, race, orientation, etc.
really not an issue to me.
Got questions, just ask, but if it's busy season at work, responses could take quite a while,
so apologies in advance.

Hey all, Bast_TW is now live on:
Come pay me a visit, especially if ya like liontaurs.

Latest Journal

Walking Off Into The Sunset (Leaving)

on 10 June 2018 at 05:36:54 MDT

Well it's been an interesting run,
but I think it's finally time to stop.

I just don't have the time to hang out anymore.
I miss being able to chat, note, or whatever
with the ppl I watch or just run across, or who run across me.
Too many other responsibilites now
It's not fun to start talking and repeatedly have to go
So many cool and interesting ppl here, it's been great getting to talk and know ya a little.

I've met many spectacular artists, and gotten a ton of art-
Fierce, fun, powerful, toony, sweet,
even some truly exceptional and amazing pieces
Still love it all.
Sadly not much in the way of new ideas coming forth from my brain.
Tried stepping away for a while, but it's not really made a difference

I'll be leaving the Gallery up
Going to see if I can get it bumped into curated mode
(never deleted, open to view, but no updates)

Cheers all, good times and happy memories

  • Bast
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