A Boy and His Shadow by TakenakaSan

A Boy and His Shadow


5 December 2014 at 18:35:30 MST

Following a horrific event that took his family as an adolescent, Casey has been...followed by what claims to be his Shadow; his darker half. It constantly whispers in his ear; tempting Him to give in to his anger and thirst for revenge. I lashes out violently at anyone who gets too close. Now at 19 yrs; Casey is constantly fighting to live his life and keep his sanity and soul while seeking a way to banish "Mr. Shadow" once and for all....

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    Every time I think of you, I think of this character. He's got such depth to him, just from his look. ;) You do such great outfits. :)

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      Thank you very ,much! Casey's going to be the one followed through the story, and Se'san and Alister make up my main cast trio.

      Hey, I'm just curious. What makes Casey the one you think of? Is it his snippets of story, his look? I'm just curious, and trust me, I'm not complaining, I just enjoy other's feedback XD

      And as for clothes and outfits? Thanks! I'm a gay man; I know fashion LOL.

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        Se'san is the ram, isn't he? I like him too. ;)

        I think it's both his look and his tortured look, how he wants to be good but doesn't know how.

        I'm great at selecting good clothes, but I'm terrible at inventing outfits.