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FWA/Apartment/Good news/Help needed

on 10 February 2015 at 19:32:45 MST

Ok let me start off with the FWA news. No we are not going this year just like we could not go last year. More important things came up that needed tending to Car rent food so on so forth, but most of all the fact me and Tay think we finally found an apartment we can afford each month. If we get it it will be roughly between 400-450 a month the deposit is only 200-250 (I can't remember at the moment )) it is a decent sized place for 2-3 people. Stryf may be staying with us seeing as it puts him and Tay both like 5-10 minutes away from their work place.

We have the money to pay the first months rent plus the Deposit. What we don't have the money for is the electric ( to get it turned on in our name's) Or the Internet (( once more turned on in our name's ) I am guessing that will be anywhere between 200-400 I say that because the one time I had to get the electric turned on in my name it coasted me like 125 in deposit and for Internet it was 200 in deposit. So I am just being well careful and going for the high/max that it basically coast me. Not to mention the UHUAL truck we will need to move every thing which will be about another 100-180. 80 to use it 100 for the DANG deposit.

So I guess what I am trying to get at here is this. We really want to put in for this apartment, but I don't want to do it unless I know for a fact we have enough for every thing and seeing as I am the stay at home person I will be there to let the Election and the internet/cable guy in for what ever time table they choice.

So I am not demanding or even expecting help but if any of you want to help out an old wolcat and a pretty kitty then please by all means do so. Every penny helps and I mean it EVERY PENNY HELPS, and even if you can not donate just spreading the word around contacting people whom you know can and will help or also spread the word will help just as much as donating.

So my paypal is

Also on a final side note I am willing to take poem and story commissions as well. If it will make you feel better to get something anything in return for helping I am willing to do it.

From the bottom of my and Tay's hearts thank you to every one and god bless.

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