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Most of ya know me from second life aka sheori baxton, mostly going to be reposts of my commissions here from fa which is :

Where I main commission, I do take sl photo's but keep them in scraps there due to tos there and tos here doesnt allow me to post my work/shots here.

Bored? Need something to draw? Just need practice? Im your mouse! Open for guest staring in your art as long as youre paying an need a space filler. No rule 34 characters. More info in my ref sheet.

Attention! Don't use my character for a role play character or redistribute without my permission!

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Just out of curiosity...

Who on my list attended FWA this year or the last one that was out? I randomly received news from someone in secondlife that claimed to of passed "me" at the con...which please note ive never been to a furry con as of yet of any kind due to funds an othe rl stuff. When i asked further they said the person had a badge on that said Sheori on it and depicted a white mouse on it. Now im not sure if its just pure coincidence or someone is actually posing as me at cons. Just figured id ask people who attended FWA if they might of seen said person with this badge to give me better clarification. Just has me slightly worried is alll....

An in other news im selling
No one has nipped at her for possible buying, im selling her at 105 still due to that is exactly what i paid for her and would like to get same payment in return! Payment through paypal is preferred.

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    As far as being lazy on the re-upload, have you looked into the chrome extension waxpost? It might save you some time and effort

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      I'll look into it for my reposting of commission work I buy. But eh weasyl apparently doesn't allow my sl stuff.

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        Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Well yes, it makes crossposting easier either way :D

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    Squeak :o

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      squeak squeak lol

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    Thanks for following me too! :D

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    Thanks for the watch :3