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Lady Amalthea SFW(adopt) by Sheori

Lady Amalthea SFW(adopt)


8 December 2017 at 07:39:30 MST

Name: Lady Amalthea
Species: Unicorn
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
Height: 6'
Weight: 160
Breast size: DD
Origins: Greece
Languages:English and Greek, with a little bit of magic she can learn more over time.
Faults: lost sight in her left eye due to an attempt on capture from a mythical hunter. Very skittish, easily spooked.
Personality : gentle, docile , intelligent, shy, and not very aggressive but can be if provoked.
Abilities; Healing/cure illness, water purification, can sustain cold temperatures with out too much clothing on, and telepathic (ability to project her thoughts and feelings into others).
Diet: Fruits, nuts, grains, and in human form she will eat human food but only in small quantities.

Likes: Fashion, snowy meadows, solitude, good hygiene, the stars on summer nights. (more may be added later)
Dislikes: crowds, pushy people, hunters, greed, destruction of innocent lives. (more may be added later)

Bio will come later!

i couldnt pass up this lovely lady! For once in my life a equine character screamed you must have me!
Art by  ghostli

This character is -NOT- to be used as a role play character beyond myself. I do NOT permit other people to use my character that way, so if you see some one doing so please tell them to quit it and if they dont take it down, contact me so i can file a DCMA.
Do not copy, trace, edit, alter, or reference the character or art work.